Taking Stock #027


Making :: Plans to continue my house hunt. I went to Auckland on Sunday to look at houses, but it was a failure…to say the least. Two people cancelled on me and only one nice house (but bad person) amongst the three that I viewed. I have to admit, staying at the beach (even just for a semester) is becoming tempting.

Drinking :: Flavoured water. We haven’t had a lot of rainfall here, so the drinking water is considered “unsafe” for consumption until it has been through all the tests. Needless to say, I have been buying a lot of water at the moment. Flavoured water has turned into my new love. Who needs men, right? 😉

Reading :: Jodi Picoult’s book Salem Falls. I think I’ve fallen in love with the characters again. I’ve decided that I will be doing a review on every book I read. That means twelve reviews a year 😉 It might not be a lot, but it is a lot better than the score right now which currently stands at zero.

Eating :: Meat and the best pasta salad I’ve had in my whole entire life. I think it had pesto in it and I’m in love. Pesto is my (secondary) lover. Men are really beginning to fall down on my list of “important things”.

Wishing :: That I could find a house. I promise that I’m house trained, I’m social without being drunk (sometimes) and I will love your cat/dog/small child. Just let me live in your house, pleaseeeeeeeee. I also wish that I would get paid. I swear it has been three (or more) weeks and I have never, ever been paid by the company I work for. Gah. Poor.

Enjoying :: Time to myself. I’ve taken to leaving my music off while I drive so I can just think or, you know, just focus on not crashing into a car that always seems to find their way into my lane. I read a news article that talked about a citizen taking away a visitor’s car keys and boy oh boy, have I been tempted to do the exact same thing.

Waiting :: I’ve been waiting to know when I finish work, so I can find a house. This whole ‘working seven days a week’ thing makes life a little difficult. That being said, do still love my job.

Wondering :: If these reactions to medication will ever stop. I swear my body has been on a crazy ride of random pain for the last two or three days. It has not been a whole barrel of laughs for me.

Hoping :: That I can do this really cool journalism paper by correspondence. It isn’t offered at my new college, but I can do it online. I just hope that it’s still available and that I have the motivation to do the coursework when (and if) I’m enrolled.

Wearing :: My work uniform…still. It turns out that I’ve turned into a lazy bitch who can’t be bothered getting changed when she gets home. Story of my life. It’s just so comfortable that I don’t want to wear “normal clothes”.

Trying :: I’m trying very, very hard to get back into my running routine. I want to start off slow because I’m so out of shape. I used to run five days a week, but I’m starting out with three days a week, which will mean hopefully every second day and the weekends off.

Feeling :: I could say that I’m tired or hungry or angry, but that isn’t the case. I would really very much like to get naked with someone. A male someone. Yes. That is the polite (ish) way of saying that I would like to have sex 😉


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock #027

  1. I love Jodi Picoults books!! Ive read pretty much all of them apart from her latest one… thats the salem falls right?
    And that is awesome about running!!! 🙂 Keep it up, i cant wait until the snow disappears so that i can begin running outside again, though i might try running this weekend and see how it goes 🙂

    I hope you have a good weekend!!


    1. Oh no, she has released a fair few books since Salem Falls! Haha. I just googled it and apparently it was first published in 2001! It’s a fairly old book but the storyline is still amazing!
      Ha. I think I lost my running mojo. I’m always tired at the moment so it’s kinda been put on the back burner for the minute. Hopefully I can get back into it after a few nights of proper sleep. Whatever that is 😉


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