Finding My Peace.

There is comfort found on the beach.

Walking barefoot across the sand is an experience that I can compare to no other.The soft sand wraps itself around your feet like a lover and envelopes your toes in its embrace whilst the harder sand puts up a slow struggle before finally giving way to your weight. Feeling it shift and change beneath your feet makes you realize that the ground is not always strong; that earth has its weak moments too.


Beauty can be found in the simple things.

It is found in the way that the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.

It is found in hearing a slow sigh as the ocean draws back; a lover who does not want to leave.

It is found in the rhythmic pattern of the waves; breaking gently on the shore.

It is found in the pastel pinks and blues that colour the sky as the sun sinks below the horizon.

It is found in the shells; broken and shattered found in beds of sand and rock.

Two years ago, I would look around and see a prison; now I see nothing but beauty and freedom. Sometimes it takes a while before you truly appreciate what you have right in front of you. It’s only now, when I’m preparing to move to a new city, that I’m falling in love with this place. I love the beach…and I’m questioning whether I want to move or stay here in paradise.

kuaotunu-beach-nz-2I went house hunting in Auckland yesterday and I was disappointed…to say the least. None of them felt like they could be a home. That’s all I’m looking for really. I think I’m finally realising how good I have it here. This place is not a prison. It is not an exile.

This place gives you a chance to find yourself and a new beginning.


16 thoughts on “Finding My Peace.

  1. Such a beautiful post. I definitely have mixed feelings about the beach, there are times where I undeniable feel like I should live close to the shore and the rest of the time my mind is set to be in a forest/mountainous area. Auckland’s beaches look beautiful, I must visit one day!


  2. Love this so so much! If you can appreciate something with that kind of depth I’m sure you’ll find a home wherever you end up in Auckland 🙂


    1. Yessss! Hopefully! Ha. That would be all kinds of lovely 🙂 I might even find one by the beach…if I’m lucky. I forgot how daunting house hunting is haha. I pretty much just walked into my last flats, but it is taking a loooot of effort this time >.<

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