A Best Friend

Guest post alert! This is written by a blog friend and I think she is quite lovely. I’m not quite sure if she wants me to link this to her own blog, so I’m just going to err on the side of caution and leave it anonymous 🙂 She is a lovely, lovely person and I’m so glad that I am lucky enough to have met her!

Sometimes you do wonder whether the term “Best Friends Forever” delivers a meaningful connotation to it. At first, it seems too good to be true because being best friends with that particular someone for an eternity is a lifetime commitment and an ultimate gift someone can have. In my point of view, I would say it is rare to still have your childhood BFF to this day, but certainly not impossible either if you continue efforts with communication and possible hangout dates to keep both your hearts going.

I may be part of the minority, but I did not think I would have my first BFF until I started high school and you know what? It was the best thing that could occur to me because I never grew up with a lot of friends growing up and this one moment given me an opportunity thought it could change my life for the positive. It was amazing because I would hang out with my BFF during school hours and have the most random chit chats who could ever think of. She was someone who I could trust my life into and go out on monthly frozen yogurt dates when our classes ended. Someone whom I can exchange secrets with and convey about our silly boy crushes and random conversations. Someone who has attentive ears to listen to me vent about my issues. Someone who could be silly with me and not judge for my weird sense because a little weird is who I am and she was one of the few to accept that.

It was fun while it lasted until my junior year hit and she abandoned me out of sight. Reaching out to her was a futile process as her phone line was disconnected and she did not respond to any of my email messages. To my surprise, I became really furious because I was wondering how could she flake out on me like this without her leaving me a goodbye. I did not feel like myself because apart of me was ripped out of me and putting back what was feared apart did not feel any similar. I needed her in my life…. badly. Then I grieved in tears on how we shared important memories together that could take on its lifetime. This was not how I anticipate on how things turn out to be. I had to accept the hard truth that she was no longer going to be my BFF because this was a terrible act she can ever done to me. Fast forward years later, I may have realized that I may not want this to ever occur, I have to let her go and have her heart decide for herself. I did not want this to happen, but I had to respect her decision since I was not going to see her again.

As difficult it is to cope with, I have to say I learn from her that my life is bound to have its peaks and valleys. This was one of those occasions where I want to expect something highly of another, but I can’t receive the outcome because I cannot steer life to its incline. She taught me to be independent because without her having by my side and enduring high school without anyone by my side was really excruciating, but having confidence to finish high school strong was what I believe she may want to see me aiming for. She wanted me to be happy, but how could I be happy if she was no longer near my sight or being able to hear her voice.

My ex-BFF may not be around to support me and even keep touch with me through college, better yet, for an eternity. But I found this to be a valuable memory to cherish that I was capable to find someone who liked me for myself because befriending people was a challenge to me. Her contagious smile and having a good laugh together every now and then makes my day any better when she is here with me. I am still upset for times I think she may not go through life with me together because she may be over the lovely mountains somewhere, but I want to let her know I still love her and I would want her to reach out to me in the future if possible. Mentally, she once forever is my BFF and continue forth, regardless if we ever be acquainted again. ❤



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