Taking Stock #026


Making :: I’m making plans for my evening! I finally feel like doing something after a month of doing sweet f*ck all. I don’t know if it’s because I finished work early this afternoon or because I don’t have to work tonight. I don’t know what the reason is and nor do I care. I want to do someone something and I want to do them it now.

Drinking :: Water. I wish it was wine. It is going to be wine in a couple of hours. I like wine. Don’t judge me. If you’re my friend in “real life” then you will know exactly how much I love wine.

Reading :: I’m probably going to freak some of you out, but I’ve been reading about Wicca. I don’t know why, but I find it fascinating. I read a book by Jodi Picoult that incorporates aspects of Wicca and I can’t get it out of my mind.

Eating :: …Not crayfish. My step-dad put the cray pot out tonight but apparently the bait hadn’t even been touched. How disappointing. Crayfish is the only seafood (apart from salt and pepper squid) that I eat.

Wishing :: That the heat would stop. I’m happy. It can stay at 26°C (or lower) and I’m good. I think I’m a cold person at heart. I love the cool, cool weather.

Enjoying :: The afternoon off. I caught up to the boys (or they caught up to me) and they had left my last, last set of clients before I finished for the day. I’ve come to realise that there is no point in me going over the hill when they were there an hour or two previously. No deal.

Waiting :: Until I can look for a house. I have two more weeks of full-time work then I can frolic around the country until my heart is content. However, for that to happen, I need to be paid and actually find a house that I like. There’s just a few minor details that need to be ironed out first 😉

Wondering :: When I will ever have the willpower to put down the cookies…and pizza…and cake. Ha. Never gonna happen 😉

Hoping :: I really, really, really want to have a good sleep. I am dying for one. I am so tired that it isn’t funny.

Wearing :: My work uniform. It is so sexy, as you guys can see from this post.

Trying :: I’m sincerely trying to find the motivation to go for a run and do something semi-productive with my life. I said that I was going to “get fit” this summer, but I have failed miserably (so far). Ha. What is fitness and health anyway? What is all this baloney about “abs being made in the kitchen”? I call bull on it 😉

Feeling :: Like I need a drink – an alcoholic drink. I know I said that I want a glass of wine, but now I’m thinking that a Black Russian is more my style. I make it with coffee flavoured vodka, Kahlua and just a daaaash of coke. So good.


7 thoughts on “Taking Stock #026

  1. Hi Kendel! It’s been a long time, haha. I still get surprised when I encounter people who aren’t fond of all kinds of seafood. I think I have this mindset that seafood is something everyone loves. Gosh, I understand how you feel about trying to get fit. I promised myself that last month and I actually ate 70% less than I usually did during the Christmas season, but I still need to work on the exercise part. My stomach is just so flabby and my arms need some toning too.


    1. Wow, it has definitely been a long, long time! Ha. Welcomeeeeee! I think a lot of people have that same mindset here since we live right opposite a beach. Haha. My own grandmother forgot that I hated fish when she was cooking us all dinner the other night. I feel ya on the exercise! I need to toneeeeeeee all the things…which is a lot harder than just losing weight haha. We can do it though! Woo!


  2. These posts are a lot of fun. I recently started trying my hand in my own version a month ago and I’m not looking back because of how much I love writing them.

    I’ll look forward to yours every week now! (:
    It’s interesting to see how you compare to people across the globe on any given week, haha, what we’re currently reading and writing, etc.

    Thanks for sharing and being one of my favorite blogs!


    1. They are definitely a lot of fun to write! I thought I would have gotten sick of them because they’re the same thing every week, but I haven’t! 😀 I think that’s why I love reading them as well. Everyone always has something so incredibly different going on in their life! It’s interesting to see the week from another person’s perspective 😀 Thank you petal!


      1. I try to switch things up every now and then, so as to not keep them the same every week, and get bored of them. I love reading them because they are just so organized and random. It is nice to take ideas down of what someone else is doing and to share your own! I will continue to read yours and I LOVE that you called me petal – this makes me happy! 😀


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