I’m Shameless.

Good evening lads and lasses! This isn’t going to be the most ‘typical’ post. This is going to be a post where I share the links to all my social media accounts. If you want to click the little x button at the corner of the screen then go ahead – I promise that I won’t hate you for it. I also wouldn’t hate it if you wanted to check out my social media accounts! I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been as active as I probably should be, but that just means that I’ve been out and about! It’s summer, which means that I’ve been enjoying life working myself silly in an attempt to save some money before college starts in six weeks.





I’m also known to enjoy an email or two, so if you feel like sending me one then remember to send it to littlemisadventures@gmail.com 🙂

I also love following fellow bloggers and other blog friends on their social media accounts, so please, feel free to leave your own links in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “I’m Shameless.

  1. Eep I felt like some kind of creepy stalker peering thru the curtains of your lifes windows when I hit those links. Like somewhere I should not be even.
    But yay links though, everyone group follow raid Kendel now <3.
    I'd help but not on any of them, just a rock with me beneath, it's my rock and I love it 🙂
    Ed xo


  2. Ha, it’s all righty girl. I just joined Twitter a few days ago because I missed my friends on Facebook. I just followed you 🙂


  3. hahah 🙂 Its good to get your social media out there!!! 🙂
    Ohh p.s i sent you a guest post in like November(??!) and im not sure if you got it or not… maybe i sent it to the wrong email? 🙂


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