When a rebound backfires.

I have already written a guest post for this gorgeous lady, but with a bit of persuasion, I have managed to dig up some inspiration and write another.

In my first guest post, I talked about my newly single life. How I felt about it, how I was going about it and just general fears about being single again after such a long time being in a relationship. I am currently reading that entry, and laughing to myself. I wrote that entry before I went out to town in a very long time, and my experience of that town night is pretty much the polar opposite of how I said I was going to handle single life haha ah, such is life.

I got insanely drunk, met up with this guy I knew and ended up going home with him… I’m sure what happened next won’t be hard to figure out haha. I saw my ex in town that night, and he saw me with this other guy. Let’s just say my ex wasn’t exactly thrilled to see me with someone else. I guess I can understand that, however, he started texting me saying he saw me with this guy and all this other stuff that made me feel so insanely guilty. I didn’t do anything wrong, we weren’t still together, I didn’t cheat on him, but man oh man did it feel like I did.

Anyway, some of you may be thinking that the guy was simply a one night stand. Um, no, well, kinda, I don’t know. I have known this guy for a long time, so he wasn’t a random, but I also told him I don’t want anything else causal or whatever. Haha, yeah, I told him that nearly three weeks ago and I stayed at his house last weekend (nothing happened by the way) and we have text everyday for the past three weeks. Um, what. At first, I just liked having someone to talk to, I didn’t think anything of it at all, and I didn’t want to just ignore him. Yet, now I find myself with feelings. Fuck.

Yes, I have feelings for the rebound guy. I don’t really know how it happened to be honest. I just kind of realized I liked talking to him and would be excited when he texted me first (yes I am totally one of those girls haha). He told me he had feelings for me, admittedly he was drunk, but everyone is honest when they’re drunk right?! He also said that he would be in a relationship with me without a doubt, if he were not planning on moving countries haha fml.

This entry has definitely gone in a different direction than initially intended, but writing down my thoughts and feelings definitely help me process everything that is going on. I don’t really know what I’m going to do about this situation. I know he is moving and doesn’t want a relationship, but feelings don’t really care about geography or logistics haha. I guess all I can do is just go along for the ride and see what happens. Sometimes life throws things our way for a reason. Maybe things will work out in a way I never ever imagined. Life is a sneaky bitch sometimes (all the time) I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out.


One thought on “When a rebound backfires.

  1. I often think that we have left over feelings from the past guy and happened to somehow passed it onto the next guy. It feels nice to be on someone’s mind and get that text or message. And of course, nothing heals a broken heart like a distraction… especially if that distraction makes us feel somewhat wanted and special. Don’t worry girl, you got this! When that guy moves away, there will be another one, lol. And if you end up wanting to move with this one, then you’re screwed. We’ll see where this goes 😉


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