Taking Stock #024



Making :: Moneeeeeey honey 😉 I’ve stopped being a slack bitch and started doing the cleaning at the campground. It is mildly gross, but I get paid a dollar a minute (pretty much). I don’t know about you, but I can definitely deal with that.

Drinking :: Water with lemon. I am obsessed. I love it. I’ve been drinking it for the past two days and I don’t want to drink water any other way. I am converted.

Reading :: I’m currently reading through the “hot list” of books on Amazon. I love them. I am obsessed with them. I need them. Kidding. I am looking for some to add to my Christmas wish list 😉

Eating :: A tonne of meat. Seriously. I have gone from being vegetarian/vegan to eating meat with almost every meal. It is insane. It is great. Chicken is great. Food is great. Pizza is great. Chocolate chip cookies are great and that is why I’ve put on all this weight.

Wishing :: That I could move to Auckland right now. I think that would be pretty fantastic. Fingers crossed that I can find a good house and move over there in two months time.

Enjoying :: The fact that my house is always ridiculously cold without air conditioning. I’m convinced that I’m going to burst into flames if I walk outside right now, which is why I’m hiding inside like a hermit on a typical summers day. No, I am not a fan of summer. Yes, I live right across the road from the beach. Problem? Absolutely not.

Waiting :: To do something. Anything. I am so poor right now that I can’t afford to drive anywhere. I am well into my overdraft, but I am convinced that I’m going to go crazy if I don’t find some form of social life here. Maybe I will just move in on my sister’s group of friends.

Wondering :: When birds will stop flying directly at me. I think they sense my fear and target me out of spite. Gah.

Hoping :: That the next two weeks fly by. I start “proper” work in two weeks and all my friends are coming up to the campground (hopefully). Yay – social life!

Wearing :: Summer clothes babaaaaaaaay.

Trying :: To avoid using my laptop as a bird shield. I almost picked it up and hurled it at the last bird that flew into my house. I swear I have perfected my high-pitched girlish shriek in the last hour or so.

Feeling :: Like birds have formed a secret gang and are going to attack me in my sleep AKA terrified of everything with wings.


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