Christmas in Canada!

I’m publishing another guest post today! It’s finally December, so I thought that all of us should be getting in the Christmas spirit! What’s more Christmas-y than Christmas in Canada? I had a friend of mine who blogs over here to write this piece. You should definitely go check out her blog!

So it’s that time of year again… Christmas time! Yes, it’s still pretty early, but you can already start to see the Christmas decorations out where I live (I’m from British Columbia, Canada by the way). With the joys of Christmas also come many struggles. This blog post is going to touch on five of them that manage to get me every time, no matter how much I try to avoid them!

  1. Freezing cold weather and the WIND CHILL:

You get used to it after a while, but it’s still really freaking cold. I step outside my house, and I immediately start to shiver. Not to mention that it just snowed here and it’s in the negatives. No matter how many toques you wear, it still comes to get ya! Weather sends its friend wind chill, just to make sure you’re extra frozen. Honestly, the wind chill is the worst. The arctic wind comes down from the northern territories, and I freeze. Literally freeze. Of course people up north or in places that are colder than us would say “Hah, that’s nothing. Look at us!” But for a Vancouver girl who’s used to rain almost all year round and constant 12 degree weather, this is slowly killing me.

  1. Snow/ Slush:

Now one of the benefits of living in Vancouver is that we don’t get too much snow. We get snow, but not a crazy pile of it. I did mention that Vancouver rains a lot. So of course when it snows, rain usually follows a few days later. This creates something that I call ‘slush’. Now slush, as described in an online dictionary, is partly melted snow. Now add rain to that. That is Vancouver slush. That causes a lot of my struggle! I wake up and get ready to go to school. Step outside to go warm my mom’s car (‘cause we have to do that here), and I almost break my whole body when I of course slip on this ‘slush’. I always seem to be the unlucky one that falls because of the slush… Just my luck! Not to mention I lived in a place called Kamloops from the time I was age 2 to 8. When it snow’s there, it SNOWS!

  1. Christmas shopping in crazy malls:

This year I was actually going to get my Christmas shopping done early! I was ready and I had a nice list that was all organized. My dad and I were all set to go and we had an agenda, so I could get my friend Christmas shopping done with. I got to the mall… both the plan and list went out the proverbial window. Needless to say, I didn’t even check off a quarter of the things off my list… But at least I have my sanity!

  1. The dang Flu:

This has been a big struggle for the past couple of years… I tend to get the stomach flu at least three times in the winter holidays, and then my body has to fight it off! I’m starting to think my body actually enjoys being sick. It sees this as an excuse to just sit in bed and eat food and drink citruses. Therefore, my theory is that it purposely takes its sweet time to get better. I always have the flu for the longest time, and it takes me such a long time to recover. I think it feels itself getting sick and is like “what the heck, let’s make use of this time to relax as much as possible”.

Honestly, my immune system just has a tough time bouncing back. No big deal. Just have to be extra careful to not re-catch the illness when I get better (I’m particularly bad at this part).

My body doesn’t catch a break in the spring, because I’m allergic to freaking pollen and dust. There are flowers everywhere here, so I become a sneezing, sniffling mess, with really puffy and watery eyes.

  1. Food Coma:

This honestly isn’t that bad, but my family does love to eat! In my heritage, you should be so full that you can’t walk out the door. You must be full. During Christmas, my family friends and even my own parents put me in such a food coma. This of course isn’t a problem, but I tend to have to take a few days of recovery. My sister and I always say that this is the year we aren’t going to over eat, but then we see all the delicious food! That idea goes out the window.

This is the end of my guest post! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you don’t feel I was complaining too much! I’m honestly really grateful for what I have…Even the freezing weather! It was so much fun to make this post! Thank you to Little Misadventures for letting me do this, I really appreciate it!

Well, love you guys!

Happy holidays!


Nelly (AKA nellbell26)


2 thoughts on “Christmas in Canada!

  1. Ooh I’d love to experience a white Christmas in Canada. Christmas over here in Australia means having a barbecue with friends and family on a hot Summer day.


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