Who is a friend?

I’m publishing another guest post today! This time it is from the lovely Alexa from Wandering Canadian Girl. I recently started following her blog and it is amazing. I have fallen in love with her style of writing and all the adventures/revelations that she is having while she is in France! I miiiiight have been looking up things about France when I stumbled across her blog 😉 All of us know how much I love the French. Anyway, I could ramble all day about how great (a few) of the French are, but that would completely detract from the point of her guest post. I’m gonna sit down, shut up, and we can see what she has to say 🙂

Do friends have to be physically apparent in your life in order to be considered a true friend?

This is a topic that I can relate to in more ways than one, as I have been able to connect with so many people whether it is over Facebook, Instagram, or even WordPress to be honest. The question becomes when do these acquaintances fall into the friend category in our lives?

Personally, I don’t feel it’s any different than being “friends” with the people I haven’t seen in 10 years, but they still somehow fall under the friend’s category. It seems as if the majority of my old friendships have resorted to communicating through the various sources of social media anyways as “we don’t have time” to physically meet in person. Think about when you meet someone for the first time before considering them to be a part of your social network. You introduce yourself, and then find common interests, which in turn lead to conversations. Theoretically, the only difference with our online friends would be the initial contact is done via the internet instead of face to face. From there however you chose to continue your friendship is up to you, whether it is by exchanging numbers or Instagram handles in this day in age.

So who is a friend? 

– Someone you have common interests which is probably why you started communicating in the first place

– Someone you can vent to about your problems

– There must also be a form of trust in the relationship

All of those things are possible with or without having a physical friendship with someone. Yes, you may have to be a little more daring with the whole trust factor, but when you think about it, how is trust created? Typically it isn’t determined from first sight but formed over time.

Finding these so-called internet buddies may be even easier than actually making them in real life, especially in the technology centered world we’re enclosed in. The World Wide Web as we know it is full of sectors and platforms where you can find particularly anyone with the same interests or opinions as you. It’s not used by merely the “average Joes” of the world either, with networks such as LinkedIn we are seeing more and more professionals take part in this online communication.

I truly believe that internet friends can become “real” friends as I’ve seen in my own life. One of my best friends here in Paris I met through WordPress after commenting on her travel blog months before arriving. It just so happened that we now live less than an hour away and even ventured to Amsterdam together for Halloween.

Friends are friends whether you see them once a year or every day. Like people in general, friendships come in different shapes and sizes but are all accepted, or should be for that matter.


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