Who exactly are you?

I managed to con have another one of my friends write a guest post for me! Today’s post is written by a bloggy friend of mine called Jazz. I started following her blog years ago and I became (a little or a lot) obsessed with it. She recently went to America to work at a camp (whaaat, so cool!) and now she’s back in England 🙂 I’m not 100% sure if she’s keeping up with her blog these days, but some of her old posts are definitely worth a look. Now let’s see what she has written for us today 🙂

You may have heard of this – or not – but there is something floating around on the internet called the Myer Briggs test. This involves you answering (quite a few) questions on general things in life, from your patience and temper, to choosing between justice and mercy. The vital part of this test is that you must answer honestly, whether you like what you are putting about yourself or not. The end of this test will tell you what personality you fit into and there are 16 different types of personalities and you will be given 4 letters as to what personality you are. Mine is INFP. This stands for introverted, intuitive, feelings and perception. Okay, okay, this sounds like a load of tosh, I know. But upon reading about my personality according to what an ‘INFP’ is, I felt as though someone had been stalking me and almost had to check over my shoulder to see if someone was watching!

I have definitely felt misunderstood for most of my life and find it difficult to discuss what is going on in my head – when I try to, the words don’t flow and it doesn’t sound right, but in my head what I am thinking makes perfect sense. That is what it felt like when I was reading about my personality. There are only 4% of people with the INFP personality, which is a little scary, but that feels right to me. Yes, I will probably never meet anyone exactly like me, which everyone has at some point dreamt “I wish I could meet someone who completely understands me”, but to know there are those little minions out there like little old Jazz, feels rather wonderful, even though they probably won’t ever be right there with me.
I have now taken on the task of getting as many of my friends as possible to do this test, so I can write down their 4 letters and whenever I feel like I want to understand them a little more, I can simply go and read about their personality and see how they view and deal with things in life, because as hard as it is to believe, everyone thinks and does things differently. No matter how strongly you view something, everyone views it slightly differently. I find some problems with my housemate at times but after discovering her personality type and reading through it, I feel I can understand and empathise with her so much more, which truly is comforting.
If you have about 20-30 minutes spare, I would love for you to take the personality test (and please do answer is honestly) and read through it, I am pretty sure most of it you will feel as though you can relate to. Let me know in the comments what personality you are and how you feel about it!
You can do it over at this website. (I took the test twice just to be sure.)
Here are some of my personality “traits” below. Would love to possibly find another INFP if you are out there!
  • Idealistic
  • Open minded
  • Creative
  • Too altruistic
  • Takes things personally
  • Difficult to get to know
  • Dreams of being an author
  • Wants a career that has a positive effect on other’s lives
  • Vivid imagination
  • Too idealistic

I made a Pinterest board mainly related to my personality, however there are some things up there for all personalities to look at! Harry Potter related if you are interested!

Thank you for reading if you made it this far! I used to regularly blog from 2011 until about 2013 and very rarely update my blog now. I am thinking about beginning another one, however am currently unsure. This has been my first proper blog post in a long time! So thank you Kendel for emailing me, I enjoyed writing this!
Quick bit of info on me – I am called Jazz and I am 20 years old, living and studying English Language in my final year of university. I am a tad lost with my life right now and am unsure as to what to do with my life after I finish studying. I will see where life takes me one step at a time! You can find my old blog at The Petite Life, and find me on Instagram if you please.
Was lovely writing for you!



3 thoughts on “Who exactly are you?

  1. What a great post Jazz 😀
    Greetings from an INTJ, aren’t we just the strangest ? 🙂 You have a really cool blog, don’t let it die, quality is worth 10x quantity.


  2. Just a caution about your idea of getting all your friends to do the test, “to understand them better” – don’t fall into the trap of labeling their responses and reactions as purely because of their personality type.

    I say this because one of my 3 close friends started this whole idea of personality tests, and the 4 of us did it. It was fun at first, but it slowly but steadily became a crutch that we would each use on each other to explain our reactions and actions – “of course you would do that, you are an ESFJ”, or “you wouldn’t get the hidden meaning that conversation anyways, you’re not an INFP or ENFP like we are”.
    It is very easy to label each other, but also easy to lose the essence, or substance, of that friend and who they are as a human being that is often far more complex than just 4 letters and a website description.

    Use it wisely, but don’t let it rule your view of your friends 🙂


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