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I know my post yesterday said that I didn’t need guest posts until December, but I have an eager lass who has written something for us already 😉 She is a dear friend of mine, and she used to be a part of the blogosphere as well. You know that you’re allowed to submit an anonymous piece to be shared and that is what my friend has done. Now let’s sit back and see what she has to say 🙂


Hi everyone,

You don’t know me and I no longer blog, so I’ll just be Taco Cat tonight (and no that’s not an alias or username of mine). Basically, the darling owner of this blog requested my guest services, and so here I am. Beware the rant to ensue about my life.

Basically, I’m in college which was extended another six months because college sucks, so I have another half a year to endure more than what I had anticipated. My boyfriend of 1+year recently fucked up going to school because his parents were twats when he said he wanted to go (oh god forbid your child further their education) and then all of a sudden I’m not ‘allowed’ to stay overnight anymore. This has since severely altered the way I feel about that environment, and my place in general. My job is absolute hell, and on top of it we just got a new manager who is a HUGE bitch and takes retail entirely too seriously. It’s a small store and she’s gonna walk up in it like she owns the place, bitch slow your roll and realize you’re lost.

Okay sorry. I’m just upset. I’m always tired, and my boyfriend is like a goddamn sloth and because of that I’ve gone all day without talking to him which fucked up my mood even more than it already was. I’m sitting in my 6pm night class, that’s like three hours long and there’s only one other person here, and I just want to leave but I’ve skipped so much I REALLY need to stay. I often get headaches, which admittedly are feigned to be worse than they sometimes are to skip or leave early and I really anticipate that happening this evening.

On top of ALL of this, my boyfriend and I broke up for about a month and a half a few months ago, and while we were separated he fucked his little bitch ass ex (if I ever see her I’m going to do damage in general), fucked some whore and stayed with her for a few weeks, but when we got back together he wanted to stay friends with his ex and they went to a haunted thing together with his friends and she went up to his work and I found out and we almost broke up again and then he swore not to talk to her anymore and I still just want to kill her, but anyway…I just forever feel inferior and I’ve been really depressed lately, and I need to just not continue on that subject.

I am so very sorry this post was so depressing and angry, but I needed to get it all out…I know Ms. Adventures here is not really ever as down as I am right now, but she’ll be back soon. Until then…I guess be happy your life isn’t mine right now? Thank you for letting me rant here, if you hate it well…meh.


-Taco Cat


2 thoughts on “Let’s get started!

  1. Big hug to Taco Cat! So feel you sister. Sure all of us do not go through the same experiences for sure but trust me, things are always shitty in every corner of the world. Trying to look out for sunshine and hope somewhere here too 🙂

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  2. Big hugs indeed Taco Cat! Sounds like you are going through a rough time. Keep going keep talking, things certainly to get better, I know, I’ve been through similar over the years! Candidly, it sounds like you need a new boyfriend, one who will look after you and appreciate you. If you are upset and depressed, go and do something you enjoy and put a smile on your face! 🙂
    Can you come back in a few weeks and let us know how you are doing?

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