It’s that time of year again. You know, the one that causes everyone to run about like headless chickens as they try to find “that perfect gift” for their partner or sister or dog. Well, I suck at buying gifts so don’t expect anything from me. (Really though, I’m poor). This is the time of year where my brain declares a big, fat nope and refuses to function. It is also the time of year where life gets crazy busy because I live at a campground, and I take on a second job that is seven days a week.

So, my dear chickadees and the odd male version of a chickadee, this is where you step in.

I am calling for any and every blogger to do a guest post.

No blog is too big or too small, too explicit or too ‘vanilla’, too new or too old to be a part of this!

I did the same thing last year on my old blog and it was awesome. I had blog friends writing, I had random people (who are now friends) writing, I had people using their names, I had people writing anonymously. I had anyone and everyone who had something to say. That could be you.

I’ve already talked to some people about it and they asked if there was a set topic that they had to follow. Well, no. There are two reasons for this: 1) Creative freedom, and 2) I write about whatever the heck I want on this blog, so why can’t you? You know…within reason.

So, if you want to write a post then leave a comment below, get in contact with me or just send me a love letter in the mail skip going to the contact page and email me at: to get this show on the road. I will still be blogging (very sporadically) during December and January, so if you have any specific content that you want me to write about then please let me know 🙂


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