Taking Stock #023


Making :: Plans for the next month because I’m freeeeeeee. I have no college commitments until the end of February and I don’t start working (properly) until Christmas. Life is good so good right now.

Drinking :: Coffee. So much coffee. All the coffee. Always.

Reading :: I’ve taken to reading things on Tiny Buddha again…and I’m not hating it. I have read so many articles and I’ve found myself agreeing with 90% of what I have found. I was actually reading an article when this quote jumped out at me: “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than hurt yourself trying to put them back together.” I think that holds a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit of truth. Just a tad.

Eating :: Fruiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I had the best smoothie of my life this morning and I’m planning on continuing my healthy thing.

Wishing :: That Massey would get their ass into gear and send me an offer of place already. I’m losing my mind over here.

Enjoying :: I’m not going to lie, I’m really enjoying being at home. It’s a good place to be. I mean, who can complain about living opposite a beach? Definitely not this girl 😉

Waiting :: To find out what day I’ll be taking a little drive to Auckland. It wouldn’t usually be a big deal, but now I’m working around a whole campground and whether or not my parents are going to be there. If they aren’t going to be here then I need to be here to look after the place. It’s a hard life 😉

Wondering :: When the sunshine will decide to come out again. Today is definitely a day for cuddling, eating pizza and watching crappy television shows. I’m doing one of those three things and I bet you will never guess which one it is 😉

Hoping :: That I can get someone to move into my house in Hamilton. If anyone wants to move in then feel free…as long as you can handle living with three males.

Wearing :: My comfy clothes AKA sweatpants and a jumper. Truth be told, all of my clothes are currently sitting in the boot of my car and I have to wash all of them before I wear them again.

Trying :: To get this blog started again. I’m still struggling and I am getting beyond frustrated with this. I’m honestly thinking of throwing in the towel and just walking away from all of this.

Feeling :: Tired. Hungry. Tired. I think I need a nap.


12 thoughts on “Taking Stock #023

  1. Seriously, don’t throw the towel. I enjoy your blog and your style of writing way too much. I’m selfish here and providing a public service at the same time.

    I swear, I’d move into your house right away. I’ve never been to Hamilton, BUT I’m a free spirit and moving to a foreign city sounds like too much fun right now. 🙂


    1. Aw, thanks petal! All of us have to be a little selfish sometimes 😉 Haha.

      I honestly don’t think you would WANT to go to Hamilton…especially with my lads haha. They are lovely people but they can be absolutely fucking mental sometimes! I have a little daydream about packing my bags and buying tickets for a random flight at the airport. I’m going to do it one day. You mark my words 🙂

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