I’m sure this is a phrase that has been well overused by every college student, every professional and every parent in the history of the world, but this year has been crazy. It seems like time has absolutely flown by and we’re looking the last week of college in the face. Please excuse me when I say holy shit, when did we get here? I barely remember what happened in last week, let alone what happened in April.

Who gave time permission to speed up? I swear the years are starting to gain momentum. Gretchen Rubin was right when she said: “The days are long, but the years are short.” I feel like I have approached some of my days with feet dragging on the ground and the attitude of wanting it to be over. Those days happen. They’re expected and accounted for, but, on the other hand, a day is a hell of a long time. There are twenty-four hours in a day, sixty minutes in an hour, sixty-seconds in a minute. That’s a whole heap of time spent just wishing that the day is over.

I get it. Believe me, I do.

I compare the person I was last year to the person I am now and I see a huge change. It might not be a physical change, but I can definitely feel it. I am in a completely different mental, physical, spiritual and emotional place now.

Last year I was entering exams for a degree in linguistics and Spanish.

Last year I found out that two of my grandparents had incurable cancers.

Last year I was not entirely happy with who I was or where I was heading in life.

Last year I was preparing myself for heartbreak.

I was stressed, I was tired and I was uninspired.

I felt like I was dragging my feet for half of the year…but here I am. 

I’m surviving. I’m thriving.

I made the decision to change my degree in the middle of the year, and it was the best thing I could have done. I went from being unmotivated, unchallenged and uninterested to being excited to go to lectures every day. I went from having a major in linguistics to a major in public relations. I went from being focussed on the future to being focussed on the right now.

I’m honestly in love with every day and I cannot wait to see what the next day, hour, minute or second brings me.


9 thoughts on “Reflection.

    I am extremely glad you’re a better place than you were last year, oh my god, last year was a shit storm for the both of us.

    Cheers to better days and being inspired to have a better life!

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  2. I love this! “Teach us to remember the shortness of our lives; we’re like grass that grows in the morning and by dusk, withers and fades.” Keep up the fantastic work!


    1. Yes! Most definitely. I think I’ve become a lot more resilient in the last year and I can bounce back a lot quicker than I used to…but a lot of things get to me that I could just brush off once upon a time. Wow – run on comment. Whoopsie. Haha. Thank you petal!


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