Talk Back Tuesday: The Future.

Okay, okay, I know that it has been more than a little while since I wrote something for this feature. I just didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have anything to say either. I didn’t have anything floating around in my head that I needed to sort out. 
talkback-tuesdayEveryone seems to be focused on the future.

We just have to do xyz and our future will be sorted.

In x minutes/days/years we will be able to do xyz.

I will be so much happier when I have xyz.

Are you getting where I’m going with this?

As I was researching this topic, I came across so many articles with tips and tricks on ‘living in the present’. Are we really so bad at it that we need a bunch of people (and now me) telling us how to live our lives? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it seems that we are.

I was the most future-oriented person that you could find. Not in the typical sense of finding a boyfriend, getting married and starting a family, but figuring out my moves-like chess-so I could create a kick-ass career and, consequently, future for myself. I’m not saying that it’s bad to have goals, but if you become so focussed on them then you will see your whole life slip by without actually participating in your life.

Do things just because you want to. They don’t have to benefit you in the long run. Heck, they don’t even have to provide benefits for you the day afterwards. You should do things because they give you a buzz. That was not me telling you to do drugs or drink yourself into oblivion.

Carpe diem. I have that tattooed on my left shoulder-blade and it serves as a reminder for me to seize every day and opportunity that I come across. Now, yes, there have been instances when I have said no, but it has been for a good reason, like being poor. I bet that you don’t know the rest of that poem that was written by Horace. Yes, there is a line that includes carpe diem, but it goes on to say quam minimum credula postero. That line is perhaps the most critical of the whole poem. When translated, it means ‘putting as little trust in tomorrow’ or ‘trusting as little as possible in the next day’. I believe this poem means that things won’t just ‘fall into place’ and you have to work for your future in every moment but to remember that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and to live in the present. I could have just murdered the entire meaning of the poem, but isn’t that the beauty of interpretation? Everyone can look at the day and have a different outlook, and the same thing can be applied to the interpretation of poetry…or anything really.

I want adventure. I want fun. I want to experience things that are new to me.

I’ll be the first one to admit this: I have a boyfriend (I think), but the relationship won’t have the “typical” future that 99% of them do. It’s not through any fault of his or my own, it’s just the way things are and I have come to accept it. I may not know what every day looks like with him, but I know exactly where I stand and that makes everything a whole lot easier. It makes being in the moment easier. Hell, it makes appreciating him easier. I can choose him, but he has to choose me as well. (And this is a post for another day).

I don’t want to put things off until another day or to when I can afford them. If I have learned anything in the past year, it is that fate is a cruel mistress. (Also another post for a different day).

So, here’s my advice: Do whatever makes you happy in that moment. It’s okay if the feeling disappears afterwards, that doesn’t make it a wasted moment. In fact, no moment is wasted. If you wanted to do something else, then you would have. Just stop, breathe and relax for a second. This rat race can be all-consuming and it is so easy to compare yourself to others. Do you feel good after doing that? No. So stop.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Just do you. Don’t forget about the life that you want tomorrow or the life you want in a year or even ten years. Just give the ‘right now’ a little more attention.

You have the rest of your life to wait for the future.


9 thoughts on “Talk Back Tuesday: The Future.

  1. I was totally meant to read this today. This is a topic I’ve blogged about before, but it’s also something that I need to be reminded of. Being so close to graduation my mind is so consume with figuring out what I’m doing after. Of course I need to be proactive in that way, but I also need to be present in the place I’m at now. As for relationships yeah that’s a whole other thing…my mind gets a little crazy about imagining the day I’ll move to be close to my boyfriend. But I need to be thankful for where we are right now and the fact that we continue to choose each other though we may be far apart. I’m going to stop now haha awesome post and I would love to read some posts on your other topics that were on here!


    1. Yessssss, you definitely were! Future and graduation in the same sentence is definitely scary, and planning IS necessary for that. I mean, I’m already planning for the years leading up to graduation because I want an internship, to join a PR group and to study abroad…and all those things cost money ;(

      Relationships are definitely a whole different kettle of fish, but I like mine at the moment. I really can’t complain. That’s where my ‘different future’ comes from though. Just that one line of “I need to be thankful for where we are right now”, man. Those feels. That can be applied to anything in my life right now.

      I will definitely (wow, I say that a lot) be writing more! I think my writing style and what I write about has changed since all of my friends have found my blog. Gah. I will find that balance one day!

      Let me know what you want me to write about and I will do it! 🙂


  2. Totally true Kendell, it took me a lot longer than you did before I worked this out. Welll played xoxoxo.
    Say what you like or think what you like about the past and the future but when it comes down to it, neither of those actually EXIST.
    All that is actually REAL is right here and right now, the past is full of imperfect memories, the future has yet to happen in ways unpredictable. You can only stop and smell the flowers right this minute, for no other reason that you CAN, and it’s the only reality there is.
    oooo aren’t we going deep here.
    Eddie xoxoxox


    1. I still feel like it took me a little while to get here, but man it is a good place to be. You are exactly right though. I like smelling the flowers…or doing whatever I want because it makes me happy in that moment. The future is important and the past plays a significant part of your life, but if you hold onto those things too tightly then you lose the ‘right now’…and the right now is the most important part.
      Haha indeed we are! Hope you’re doing good, I miiiiight flick you an email someday soon 🙂


      1. Coolio email ? Abso-bloody-lutely Kendell 🙂
        Would be totally awesome, have much news of my own that I miiiight email back with :p
        But first, flowers – just need to check these out for a second 😀


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