I’m in my fourth semester of university (or college for you American/Northern Hemisphere kiddies) and I’m beginning to see a pattern. I’m beginning to see a pattern in how my body deals with the pressures of hell week, the last week of lectures, study week and exam week(s). Let’s take a look at how these weeks pan out for me:

Hell Week:

I don’t know about other college students, but my version of hell week was definitely last week. That gif describes my feelings towards everyone and everything in my life. (Sorry if I was a bitch). I think I had a meeting almost every day, I had four assignments and I was just really, really tired. I think I hit my ‘brick wall’ around the middle of last week and finally got over it around 10am on Tuesday this week. All I really wanted to do was set a couple of people on fire, push them off a cliff and then go for a nice drive to buy some ice-cream. That would have been a lovely way to end the week 😉

(I feel like I have to assure you that no people have been harmed (physically) in the last week… and I’m still chasing that perfect ice-cream moment).

The Last Week of ‘Official’ Lectures:

Eventually, all the excitement of last week catches up with me and all I want to do is sleep. Seriously. If you touch me, I will kill you. If you ask if I’m okay, I will kill you. If you ask me to go anywhere, I will kill you. All I want to do is sleep, drink coffee and watch episodes of Shortland Street. Anything more than that is asking far, far too much. (Unless I like you, then you can ask me to do anything you want). I feel like I have done nothing but sleep this week. My body kind of ‘shuts down’ and I just sleep if any situation gets to be too much for me. This actually happened at the trade show last week. I had had enough and I just wanted to go home. There were people everywhere and I couldn’t deal with the incessant questions that they asked. I was on the verge of screaming or crying, but instead my body just went into ‘shut down’ mode and I fell asleep.

Study Week:

I like to imagine that this is what goes on inside my brain during study week, but I think it’s a little more like this:

When the hell did we cover this in lectures? There aren’t any notes on this! How did they even come up with this question? Why did they bother to give us a ‘preview’ of the exam if these aren’t the questions that are going to be in the thing? Why, why, why didn’t I start reading earlier? Helpppppp meeeeeeeeeeeee.

Exam Week(s):

always walk in confident and like I don’t have a care in the world. Ah, how naïve of me. My brain usually turns to mush as soon as I put my bag down the front and pull out my little ziplock bag of pens and candy. It gets worse when I open the exam during the reading time. I look cool, calm and collected on the outside, but my internal monologue is usually something like this:

That is usually when I fall back on the they definitely didn’t talk about this in lectures route. I go straight into denial because that always works, right? 😉 After having a minor meltdown for ten or so minutes, I get myself together and write like a crazy person then walk out of the exam hall and promptly forget what I have just written which sparks panic moment #2.

After Exams:

I have (kind of) gone off alcohol this year but I feel like I will definitely be celebrating as soon as I walk out of that last exam. That night is usually a blur and I wake up saying “never again” but knowing full well that I will definitely be doing the exact same thing in a years time.

Side note: I’m now in that great time called ‘study week’ so I might be absent on here for the next little while…or not, because we all know how much I love procrastination… and you guys 😉


4 thoughts on “Cycles.

  1. My gosh, its like you are describing my life and exact emotions!! I love all the gifs because they are so accurate, hahaha!! School life is definitely tough especially when all the exams and assignments are due at the same time.
    But rest, coffee and relaxation always helps 🙂 Also chocolate :):)


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