Taking Stock #021


Making :: Edits to a group report on Air New Zealand. We have to submit a leadership report on the company tomorrow and there are a lot a few edits that we have to make to get it ‘up to scratch’. Thank goodness for getting feedback on our draft submission.

Drinking :: Coffee. Always coffee. You guys are used to this. I almost feel like I can get rid of this part because I write this on Sunday morning, so the answer will always be ‘coffee’ 😉 Can you blame me? I just love the taste of coffee and I get really bad caffeine withdrawals.

Reading :: The report on Air New Zealand and believe it or not, I actually don’t hate it. I really like learning about different leadership styles and communication styles/how people respond to varying communication styles. Is that weird?

Eating :: I actually just posted a photo of it on Instagram. I’m having my ‘first breakfast’ of strawberry yogurt (lots of it) and a banana, topped with slivered almonds and ginger. Definitely a good first breakfast 😉

Wishing :: That Sundays lasted forever. I woke up feeling really peaceful and stress-free this morning. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and clouds are floating slowly by. Today is shaping up to be a good day.

Enjoying :: I am enjoying this beautiful morning. I feel bad for sitting inside when it’s so beautiful and sunny but I do have an excuse (or two). #unilife. I’m also enjoying the fact that this is the last week of official lectures which means that we’re getting all the tips and tricks about exams. Hooray 😉

Waiting :: Call me childish, but I’m still waiting for The Sims 4 to be released for Mac users. I really, really want to get the game. I have been watching LP episodes on YouTube for the last month and I might be a little obsessed. I was stalking The Sims twitter account this morning and I saw a tweet about the addition of pools into the base game. That update gave me way too much hope because every simmer knows that the base game didn’t include pools. Will we be seeing a release date for Mac before Christmas? I freaking hope so. I think I just showed you that I am way to obsessed with this…and I might be a bit of a nerd. Whoopsie.

Wondering :: Yesterday, I had mentioned that I was finally given my CEO speech. It went about as well as expected 😉 Now I’m just anxious and wondering about what sort of grades I’ll we will receive. I wrote the most of the speech and all of the company story myself so our fate rests on my shoulders. Gah.

Hoping :: That I can cram a lot of information into my brain without going insane. I have my first exam in eighteen days and my second exam is the day after that. I am beginning to freak out a little bit. No bueno.

Wearing :: My cuddly dressing gown. Always. I feel like I could take this section out as well because nine times out of ten I am wearing the same thing. Hooray 😉 Elle Macpherson really knows how to make their (mens) dressing gowns amazingly cuddly.

Trying :: To keep a hold of my emotions. They seem to be a bit crazy at the moment. I can go from being happy to angry in .2 seconds. No kidding.

Feeling :: I don’t know. I think I’m turning into a little bit of a crazy person. We’ll just attribute it to the hell week that just finished 😉


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock #021

  1. I am a coffee person too:)
    I am also waiting for every single video game to be released to mac. Even though they usually don’t. Oh well.
    Happy for your CEO speech, all the best:)


    1. Coffee is the best thing since….Well, ever. 😉

      I keep seeing updates about The Sims 4 so hopefully it gets released soon! They would be losing out on a tonne of revenue so they would be silly to not create something for it…even if it does take a little longer to fix all the bugs after what happened in Sims 3.

      Thank you! It went so well! A+ baby! Woohoo! 🙂


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