Hell week.

This week has been absolutely insane. It has been one of those weeks where I put no effort into my clothes, I wear no makeup and I take no effort with my hair. Long story short, I have looked like a hot mess all week…and anyone kind enough to disagree is just being a kiss-ass.

I could feel the pressure mounting as the week passed by. All the deadlines were slowly, but surely, stacking up. Cue anxiety. I had a speech to write and memorize, a story to write and another project to oversee. I had a trade show that I had to take part in. I had meetings to organise for other classes. College is no joke. I felt like I was chasing my tail all week. I would finish one thing, only for another thing to pop up in its place.

I’m smiling because of all the coffee. (Really though).

Total number of triple shot flat whites consumed this week: four.

I know that number doesn’t seem like an excessive amount, but I’m talking about triple shots. Those things are brutally good. I think they are the only reason why I’m still alive and functioning right now. Thank heavens for good coffee…and for the people who know how to make said good coffee. You are saints.

As I have said before, I was the CEO of my “company” Château de DécouverteI had to give a speech about my company yesterday and I was completely fine…until people started walking into the room. That was when I turned into a pile of seriously scared mildly terrified girl. However, it turns out that all my worrying and self-doubt had no purpose because I was surprisingly comfortable after a couple of minutes when I got up there. I really like public speaking. It’s so weird to think that I’ve done a complete one-eighty in ten weeks.

After the speech I had to get myself organised for the trade show, which is a special little event for marketing kiddies. It would have been a good time but I kept getting major anxiety every time I saw a group that had over five people…which was 90% of groups. I was not a happy person on Friday night. In fact, I had to leave the room a couple of times just so I could calm down. Whoopsie. I guess marketing really isn’t “my thing” and that’s putting it mildly.

I’m glad that ordeal is over. Never again.

I was glued to my laptop when I got back from the trade show. I was reading, rewriting and creating titles for a bunch of group work that was due last night. I actually really liked working on this project, but that was probably just because it was my brainchild. We always love things we come up with ourselves, don’t we?

I’m so glad that I get to snuggle in my bed after this hell week. I was not a fan, but now I can relish in knowing that I only have three more assignments due before the end of “official” classes…in one week. Whaaaat?

How did we get to the end of the semester already?


7 thoughts on “Hell week.

  1. Proud of you petal. Keep up the good stuff ! Remember that one day all of your hard work will pay off and you can have all of the feijoa smoothies in the world ! Kia kaha. Love you xo


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