#Blogtober14 : Day Three!

Day three: One thing you can’t live without.

I wish I knew what to write here, but I can’t pick out just one thing that I can’t live without. I feel like I rely on far too many things to keep me “sane”. If I had to be 100% materialistic / obsessed, then I would definitely say that I can’t live without the internet/technology.

I need it.

I need it as a blogger.

I need it as a student.

I need it to catch up on missed TV shows.

I need it to stalk do recon on people I meet.

I need it to make my life easier.

I need it when I get hopelessly lost.

On the other hand, this “thing” can also be something intangible.

I need it.

I need it as a woman.

I need it as a partner.

I need it as a lover.

I need it as your friend.

I need it .

Please don’t forget that.


Day three and I’m still going strong! Say whaaat?

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2 thoughts on “#Blogtober14 : Day Three!

  1. I love the format you wrote this in! Also, I appreciate the honesty. Have you ever disconnected from all electronics for a week? You should try it for three days. It’s amazing how free you’ll feel.


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