A little thing…

called life.

She’s a sneaky bitch, isn’t she?

There’s a couple of funny things about it: it’s that life tends to catch up with you eventually, and she is full of surprises.

I just finished my mid-semester break in New Zealand, and it was glorious. I loved almost every second of it. I sun bathed. I partied. I nursed my first hangover in six weeks. I traveled. I went on a date or two. I completely forgot to study. It was exactly what I needed. That being said, I did miss the intellectual challenge of sitting in a lecture or tutorial every day. I did miss the feeling of being able to work in a group and not murder your teammates. I actually missed getting up and going to university.

Oh dear lord, when and how did I turn into one of those people?

You know, the kind of people who read their lecture books for fun. I’m finding that I’m reading ahead in one of my papers. Strategic Management. Oh lordy, I love it. Sure, it is definitely challenging at times, but that is something that is welcomed. I might be a bit enamoured with it. Oh first year, you are a weird one.

Some days I feel like this: Other days I feel like this: During my first degree, I got to choose (for the most part) all of my papers for three semesters. I didn’t have anyone breathing down my neck saying no, you must take this paper because… I just had people saying, oh, interesting choice as they handed me the receipt for my rather expensive stack of books. At the start of this semester I was angry at the fact that I didn’t get to choose what I wanted to study. I mean, this was going to decide my life, shouldn’t I get a little say in the matter? However, if I had chosen my papers, I definitely wouldn’t have chosen strategic management to be one of my favourite papers for the semester; yet, I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love.

That being said, I am thinking about adding to my degree again…because, you know, maybe fourth time is the charm?

I was scrolling through the available papers when I got a little distracted by other major choices. A couple of them jumped out at me, but nothing quite like management communication. Oh my, it is so tempting to jump ship or add that to my degree. Wow. I think I have a bit of a problem. I can never be happy with just one thing. I swear I have added, dropped or changed my degree every semester I have been at college, and this is my fourth one. This is getting a little out of hand.


3 thoughts on “A little thing…

  1. That’s a good thing though- it shows people that you care about learning and constantly growing your mind and your experience. If you learn all of these things in school you have more valuable experience. 🙂 have fun on your date! Can’t wait to read about it ☺️


    1. This is true! I never really looked at it that way! Thank you petal 🙂 As for the date, well, hahahaha is all I can really say. It didn’t happen. I will definitely be blogging about it because wow, it has put my head round the bend.


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