Taking Stock #019


Making :: Playlists for my gym workouts AKA following all the best playlists on Spotify 😉 Something has finally clicked in my brain and I have started following a way cleaner diet and wanting to go to the gym. I think I discovered this around the same time that my jeans started getting tighter 😉 If anyone has any music they listen to whilst at the gym – please let me know! I always get bored with the channels that they play, and, when I’m motivated, I tend to go to the gym every day which means that I end up listening to the same music over and over again.

Drinking :: Coffee, and water infused with lemon. C’mon, you should know that I will always and forever be drinking coffee when I write blog posts. I swear it’s a rule of blogging.

Reading :: I’ll give you the fun answer: blogs! I have found some really cool groups on Facebook like #bloggersbrunchclub (blog)/(Facebook group) which has linked me to awesome blogs from New Zealand. Who knew we had so many bloggers here? Definitely not this lass. Also, all of you have been going crazy in the blog world. I went to my mum’s house with maybe two-hundred posts to read and I returned to my place with over eight-hundred. Uh, say what?

Wanting :: To make a permanent decision. This is insane but I’m thinking of changing universities altogether and moving cities. Say what? Yeah, it surprised me too. I had been thinking of it before I swapped degrees, but now it has become a real living and breathing idea. I’m a twenty-something, I’m allowed to change my mind a million and one times, right? Watch this space.

Looking :: Right into the kitchen of my neighbour’s house. How’s that for awkward? I get to wake up every morning looking like a friggin’ babe and stare at people making their breakfast. Not ideal. I would recommend the company building a fence between the houses because I have been the recipient of some dirty stares this year. That is not the way I want to start my day. (To be fair, I don’t think they want to see a small blonde girl in a dressing gown first thing in the morning either).

Eating :: My body has been doing something really weird and I just haven’t been hungry. At all. I mean, it saves on time, but it’s not too ideal in the same breath. However, something I ate the other day was creamy chicken, bacon and mushroom fettuccine. This might not seem like a big deal, but it used to be one of my ‘fear foods’. It feels really weird to admit that, but I used to be really scared of eating pasta for some weird reason. Is this change happening? I hope so because that was delicious.

Wishing :: That this blog thaaaang came easier to me. I swear, it is a lot harder than it looks. I tip my hat to those of you who manage to crank out a blog post every day, and have content that is never, ever boring. Please teach me your ways. You think I would be used to the blog world after three years, but, alas, it is not so.

Enjoying :: Being back at university. What? I liked the semester break as well, but I got a little bored. Okay, a lot bored. That led me to do things like boredom eating and playing The Sims 3. Actually, that last one isn’t a bad thing 😉 I’m a hardcore Simmer at heart. I do like learning though. I like being challenged. I like connecting concepts from different papers. I just like the environment. I think I’m definitely the type of person who could make a career out of getting degrees. Is that a thing? It should definitely be a thing.

Waiting :: To go to the gym. I have an ‘off-peak’ membership which means that I can only go in a certain set of hours. (Most of you are reading this in the morning in America, but I secretly wrote this last night 😉 Sneakyyyyy.) The restriction is honestly annoying but it also cuts off $50 (or more) from a membership, and not being able to go to the gym for four hours is definitely worth it.

Liking :: The fact that it is officially spring! It was so sunny for Father’s Day here, it was beautiful. Actually, it was so hot that I thought I was dying, but that’s beside the point. I’m looking forward to the sunshine after months of meh weather.

Wondering :: About what the next couple of months will bring. I maybe, might be dating seeing, running around naked with someone. Maybe. The whole situation is a bit complex but I can’t not mention it here. I’m excited.

Hoping :: That my marketing group will get their asses into gear and get their part of the assignment completed. Honestly, group work turns me into the hugest bitch if people don’t get stuff done or read the instructions or ignore me or berate my ideas because I’m a female. Rage. This project in particular is due tomorrow (today) at 4pm, so fingers crossed that they finished it on time.

Wearing :: A swing tank and my getting tighter jeans. I’ve had the jeans for three years, so I think it’s almost time that we parted ways but I do love them so.

Thinking :: About the test that I have at 8am. I swear, that is the worst possible time to test someone. My brain isn’t functioning (properly) until at least 9am. I seriously question where my head was at when I picked that 8am tutorial. I had at least fifteen options yet I chose the earliest one? Why brain, why???

Trying :: To cram information into my brain for the test…and look how that’s going, I’m sitting here blogging. Whoops. Sorry not sorry. I do love the blog land.

Feeling :: Happy. Butterfly-y. Nervous. Anxious. Like setting someone on fire whilst pushing them off a cliff. So, all the emotions. Yes.


3 thoughts on “Taking Stock #019

  1. Coffee= definitely a rule of blogging. Have you seen the show portlandia? They should probably make a skit about bloggers & coffee… Even though it’s universal. Lol 💕💕


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