Featured on Friday: A Kiwi, Adventuring.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who blogged. She blogged and blogged for years and years without discovery, until one day her best friend discovered a sneaky link on Pinterest. This bloggers friend followed the link, which led her to this blog. Imagine the bloggers shock, surprise and utter terror when she found out that someone had finally discovered her little corner of the interwebs  However, those feelings faded as this best friend, Ilana, soon succumbed to peer pressure and made a blog of her own. The kingdom rejoiced as such a beautiful human being crossed over to the dark side and was never heard from again joined us in this beautiful world. Please go and show her baby blog some love – you won’t regret it!

Ilana @ A Kiwi, Adventuring

a-kiwi-adventuring-ilana 1. What is your blog about and why do you blog?

My blog is A Kiwi Adventuring, and it is about (or will be) my life, what I’m doing, and my thoughts about life becoming a legit adult when I finish university in a month! I blog honestly, because Kendel peer pressured me into doing it! I had done a bit of blogging for one of my papers and liked doing it, and Kendel encouraged me to start my own personal one 🙂 My blog is in it’s early stages right now, but I’m hoping that it will get better and more exciting!

2. Who are your favourite bloggers?

Hmm, I’m slightly biased but Kendel’s (this blog, woo)! I’m new to the blogging thing so I’ve only stumbled across a few, I’m going to say Little Misadventures, Exactly Jess, and Young and Twenty. Young and Twenty has a way of saying exactly what I’m feeling or have felt about things but is said in a much more eloquent way!

3. What are the best and worst things about blogging? 

Well, as I said before, I’m new to the blogging thing so I haven’t had much time to experience blog land too much. I would say the best thing would be sharing thoughts, ideas and just general ramblings with people who (on the majority) love to read your stuff and also think similar things to you. Also, being able to share stories and read other people’s blogs and meet people from all over the world is pretty appealing. I think the worst for me would probably be people reading what I’ve written and being negative or judgmental towards me. I am a pretty open and honest person, but I think being told mean things by someone who doesn’t know me personally to be off-putting. Especially when blogging about something personal, or close to your heart.

4. If you had to live inside a movie, which movie would it be?

Wow. This is such a cool question, but so terribly hard to answer! This probably sounds so cliché buy I would say The Notebook. I’ve always had fantasies about living during the 1930s/40s and the movie just makes it look so much more appealing than 2014! Plus Ryan Gosling is incredibly attractive 😉

5. Here’s a little advice on surviving university:

Ooh… I would have to say to something that you enjoy. Sure accounting, or management might get you a job, but if you’re unhappy doing it, you’re not going to do well. I do History and Geography noowww, but I changed my mind of majors and degrees about 4 times. Although I have no idea what I want to do when I leave in a month (a month! :O) I enjoy my subjects a lot. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy doing anything else such as science or accounting etc. Not to say these subjects are not worth doing, they’re just not for me 🙂 Other than that I would say start your assignments early!

6. Would you rather make millions of dollars but be unhappy or be happy but make minimum wage?

As a poor uni student I would say GIVE ME THE MILLIONS, but thinking as a wise, almost graduated woman, I would probably say be happy and have minimum wage. It’s cool to have things and be able to do things, but if you’re always unhappy that’s not living! Money will not always be there, and we can’t take it with us. People who have money generally use money to buy themselves happiness, but it’s all about doing what makes you happy not buying what makes you happy. We shouldn’t be constantly searching for happiness, because if we keep searching for happiness, we’ll never be happy. Don’t sacrifice your joy for happiness 🙂 Phew, okay that’s my deep feels for the day :p

7. What is the ultimate thing you want to achieve in your lifetime?

TRAVEL! Oh my goodness, I mean I want to have a good job, be married and eventually have kids but I think that if I never have the chance to travel I will feel cheated! I’m on a such a travel bug right now. I just went to Australia in June, not far for us Kiwi folk, but I just got the feeling of wanting to travel everywhere! My Pinterest board is taunting me with magical places to visit. I have an urge to see anywhere and everywhere, from Europe, to Africa to Asia to Pacific Islands. Travel is an amazing thing, and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t benefited from travelling in order to open their minds and help them to experience other people, cultures and be able to appreciate this amazing world we live in 🙂


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