Taking Stock #018



Making :: goals. It’s the start of a new month and I have quite a number of things that I want to accomplish. Some of it may surprise you ;]

Drinking :: coffee. I have had sweet f**k all sleep in the past forty eight hours and I am feeling it. I decided to stop being a nana and actually go out on Saturday night and I am still dying.

Reading :: nothing. I haven’t studied in a week and jeez, I am feeling like the world’s worst student right now. Yolo? Is that still a thing?

Wanting :: Sleep…and for things to make sense. My life seems to be lacking both of them at the moment and I’m not a fan of it. At all.

Looking :: At old messages from a certain someone ;] oh, good old days.

Eating :: lasagna squares because wow, I have missed the fatty goodness. Yes. I regret nothing.

Wishing :: that I wasn’t home alone right now. I am not a fan. I just have a bad feeling about tonight. Gah. I think my imagination is just a little too overactive right now.

Enjoying :: my beeeeeed. It is so comfortable and beautiful. So magical. Also, my new car. She is beautiful and everything I could possibly want in my life at the moment. Smitten, so smitten.


Waiting :: for life to make sense. I have a feeling that I could be waiting a while though.

Liking :: sleep.

Wondering :: how much I can accomplish in a week. I feel like I need someone to write out all the things that I need to do so I can panic.

Hoping :: that I am feeling better tomorrow because wow, tired.

Wearing :: my ‘fat clothes’, because everyone needs fat clothes, right? They also double as my ‘I really can’t be bothered’ clothes ;]

Thinking :: about the meaning of life…and other such complex topics ;]

Trying :: to finish this post before I fall asleep on the keyboard. It wouldn’t be the first time it has happened. Whoopsie.

Feeling :: tired. I feel like a truck has tried to drive right through my head as well. No bueno.


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