Featured on Friday: The Little Diary

I haven’t done one of these features in a long time! I can feel the cobwebs brushing across my skin as I try to breathe some life into this feature once more. Well, the space has been dusted, the net has been cast out, and I conned asked a friend of mine, Emily, to answer a few questions I had. Her answers are brilliant and definitely shows the kind of person she is! She is definitely one of a kind and you should check her blog out if you have the time.

Emily @ The Little Diary

Favourite post: The Love Story


1) What is your blog about and why do you blog? My blog is just about my and Jake’s little life together. I don’t keep a journal, so I blog to remember the little day to day things that we do.

2) Who are your favourite bloggers? My favourite bloggers!! I read so many blogs, but my top five favourites at the moment are Love Taza (lovetaza.com), Barefoot Blonde (barefootblonde.com), What A Day (zippedydooda.blogspot.com), Willivia (willivia.com), and A Beautiful Mess (abeautifulmess.com).

3) What is the best and worst things about blogging? The best and worst things about blogging… ah there are so many! So, probably my biggest complaint with blogging/the worst thing about blogging is when bloggers only blog because they are trying to get famous. I think it’s awesome if a lot of people start reading a blog and that blogger starts getting offers/money, but nothing is more frustrating for me than to start reading a blog that has really great content, only to see them change the way they blog just to make money. I think it’s really important to blog for other reasons and nothing makes me click the unfollow button faster than seeing a blog sell out. It’s really quite sad! I think blogging is a wonderful place to share each of our creativity and diversity, and when bloggers change what their cyberspace is because they think it will make them money, I can’t help but to feel sad for them! Their giving up such a great potential for their own unique space. That’s probably the worst thing about blogging and the thing that bothers me the most. But there are sooo many other wonderful things about the little blogging world!! The best thing about it is the relationships and meeting new people. I have met so many cool people I wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for my blog. It’s opened up so many doors and friendships, and I think that’s the best thing about it! I also really like being able to pick a date from my archives and read back on what our life was like at that time. It’s a nice way to look back on where we’ve been, since I don’t keep a journal or a scrapbook.

4) If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Oh my. I feel like logically I would choose something really bland, so I wouldn’t get sick of it, but people who play these games like that are boring haha. So it would probably have to be Marshmallow Santas!! They only come out around Christmas time and they are so delicious. They have some other marshmallow treats for the other holidays, but I swear the chocolate to marshmallow ratios for Marshmallow Santas are perfect!

5) If you had the power to go back and change something from your past, would you do it? I probably would have enjoyed being a teenager a little bit more, instead of always trying to grow up and be an adult. Jake and I are just now realising what a blessing it is to not have a lot of responsibilities since we’re so newly married and still in college, so I wish I would have appreciated having no responsibilities when I was a teenager instead of wanting them and wanting to be older haha.

6) What is one tip you have for a new blogger? I know it’s cliche, but I think the most important tip is to blog about what interests you!! Honestly, I think people can see right through blogs that are trying to get famous or blogging about things that they think other people are interested in. A lot of my favorite blogs to read are about uncommon things that not many other people blog about. So, that would be my biggest tip. Another one would be to really immerse yourself in the blogging world. Don’t be afraid to comment on people’s blogs or send them an email. Some of my very favorite friendships have been started through simple comments on their blogs or on mine. It can be a really great place to meet people, so don’t just post and then leave. Browse some blogs and make some friends!

7) What is the best memory you have of you and Jake? The best memory of me and Jake… That’s a hard one!! I honestly don’t know if I can choose just one! I love our small memories of the every day things, like watching The X-Files every night and whistling the theme song together, or when we were dating and he would come over almost every night and stay with me until I fell asleep and then drive 30 minutes back to his apartment, or kissing goodbye in the morning and huge bear hugs when we see each other for the first time later that day, or when I pretend to die at random times in the day, and Jake will die too, because he claims he had a chip implanted so he dies when I die. But, I also love some of our bigger moments too, such as when we first hung out, and when I pulled up to drop him off, he kept his seatbelt on and kept chatting, and we ended up sitting there and talking until 5 in the morning, or when he first said “I think I love you” in the middle of a conversation, or the first time we kissed when he lifted my chin up with his pointer finger and I just died because it was so cute. Ah I can’t choose!! There are just too many!!


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