Taking Stock #017


Making :: Coffee. If you know me at all, then you know that I can’t function without my morning fix ;]

Drinking :: …not coffee. Boo. Boil kettle, boil!

Reading :: blog post after blog post after blog post. I’m up at my mum’s place right now, but she has a really, really bad internet provider so it goes slow. Super slow. Pages load at turtle speed slow. Twenty-four more hours and I’ll be going back to the land of fast internet, bad drivers and smelly flatmates. (really though).

Wanting :: to go on a date. A proper date somewhere. Not a ‘I’ll come over for the night’ but a ‘You need to wear a dress and heels, but don’t worry about a coat because I’m a gentleman and I’ll give you mine’ type of date. I haven’t been on one of those in a long time.

Looking :: at the number creeping up on the scale again. Gah. I think it’s definitely high time to get my boot-ay back to the gym. If anyone knows of some good gym routines (HIIT/sets/etc.) then please let me know!

Eating :: well, nothing but I am day-dreaming about this beautiful lemon brownie that I made the other day.

Wishing :: that time speeds up. I really want this semester to be finished already.

Enjoying :: being at the beach, because who wouldn’t enjoy that?


Waiting :: for the sunshine to come back out. The clouds have rolled in and its all looking very dreary right now.

Liking :: this cuddly dressing gown. I swear, if I could wear one to university without being criticised then I definitely would.

Wondering :: how fast my car can go ;] She has a V6 engine and the clock stops at 240 km/h but I haven’t tested it out for myself yet. Maybe that’s something I need to do when I’m driving home tomorrow ;]

Hoping :: that the sun comes out again. I don’t know about you, but when I’m at the beach I want it to be sunny.

Wearing :: my mum’s dressing gown ;] haha. So cuddly.

Thinking :: about going to soak in the spa bath with some candles and relaxing music. That sounds like the best way to spend my morning, wouldn’t you agree?

Trying :: to convince my family that they really need to watch Rec with me. From my understanding, it is the Spanish version of the movie Quarantine, and my family don’t want to watch it with me.

Feeling :: like I should really be doing homework, buuuuuut it’s only the second day of the holidays so I have plenty of time to catch up, right?


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