Talk Back Tuesday: Blogging.

Well, here I am, finally starting the feature that I wrote about all that time ago. It really is a century and a half in blog years. I swear blog years are actually like dog years. They kinda creep up on you, and then, somehow, you’re starting your third year of blogging and you don’t know how you got there. Maybe it’s not like dog years at all. I came up with this feature and a good friend of mine, who is also a blogger, has decided to get in on the fun too! Go ahead and check out her first post for this feature if you have a chance.

talk-back-tuesdayOkay, I’m gonna ease into this by talking about something that all of us are familiar with: blogging.

It’s a great hobby, am I right?

How many of you would like to turn it into a lucrative career or a revenue of income? How many of you aren’t really sure how you started blogging? Why did you start blogging? How did you come across blogging? What do you think about blogging? What do you think about the blogging culture? What do you think about the blog community?

I began blogging when I was a wee lass, at the tender age of seventeen. I was at the height of my teenage angst, and the world revolves around me phase. I was also a senior in high school, had a secret online crush, and I was about to graduate high school with no plans to join college like the rest of my friends. I had been following one blog in particular when I thought hell yeah, I’m gonna give this a shot.

Never did I ever think that little blog would have given me the opportunities that it did. I’m not just talking about promotional activities either, I’m talking about the friends that I made through that first blog. The promotions and interviews were pretty cool though. I did get offered the chance to do reviews and promotional activities, mostly books and some sports gear for companies in America and England. I did promotional posts for emerging artists and bands. I got interviewed by news reporters in America. I had television crews asking me if I knew of people wanting to be cast in roles. It was insane.

I wanted to shout my success from the rooftop, but I didn’t.

Not long after that, my sister found my blog and I panicked. I changed the web page title, I changed my username, and, eventually, I changed my URL altogether. That was the hardest decision. If it was possible, my blog became even more angsty after that. Speed forward six months, and I’m looking at a blog that I was not in love with. I wasn’t even in like with. I needed a new one, and that is when this blog was bornLittle Misadventures.

Blogging, for those who haven’t owned their own blog, seems like a very foreign concept. No one really understands why we put ourselves out here. No one really understands why some of us airs our, metaphorical, laundry to dry on such a public forum. Why would we want to leave ourselves so vulnerable to attack? Why would we want to leave a piece of ourselves on the internet, forever?

Well, personally, who wouldn’t want to do any of that? I have always been a fan of writing. It is in my blood. I get “the itch” when I don’t write in a really long time. I brainstorm ideas in marketing discussions. I think of recipes that I can photograph, and put on the blog. I think of all the memories slipping by, just waiting to be written about.

Blogging is like sex. The first time is scary and daunting. Will people like me? Will I be good enough? Should I have done that? Will they hate me forever if…?

Blogging is like sex. Hitting that publish button gives you a surge of confidence that you didn’t know you had. The hell yes, I did that rolls through your brain. You go back and look at your post, proud of what you had conquered achieved.

Blogging is like sex. After a while, you get used to it. Hell, you even get good at it. People like your posts. They share them on Twitter. They tell their friends. You get emails. Sometimes you get a bit cocky.

Blogging is like sex. It really is hit and miss sometimes. Occasionally, you will write something that spins someone’s dial, and another person will hate it. Occasionally, you will write something so great that it goes viral and is “Freshly Pressed”. Occasionally, you will write something that will make you think what was I doing? and you’ll want to punch yourself in the face.

I have felt all of those things. For me, blogging really is a hit and miss. I love it, though. Blogging has given me a sense of calmness that I don’t think I would have otherwise achieved. I love having a little spot that I can come to and just write if I need to. I love the friendships that have developed from my previous blogs. Not knowing you all would be weird. Seriously. All of you  have become such a big part of my life, and it is great. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I’m looking forward to the sushi, Sims 4, and man-hunting dates that I’m going to have with you in the future. (That’s right, I’m looking at you, Jess).

I might have started blogging from sheer curiosity, but now I blog because I adore it.

Why did you start blogging? When did you start blogging? What do you think about our community? Do you have any good/bad experiences with blogging?


7 thoughts on “Talk Back Tuesday: Blogging.

  1. Hahaha, omg, on you would compare blogging to sex!
    Yessss, sushi, Sims 4, and man hunting in the near future!! Gotta experience some New Zealand boys, LOL


  2. I’ve changed my blog url multiple times and do everything to make sure people in my social circle don’t find it. I think it’s still very much a taboo to have a blog and post your thoughts and experiences on there. Some of my friends even think it’s weird that I have a tumblr so I can’t imagine what they’d think about me having an actual blog where I write stuff.

    Lately I haven’t minded so much who reads my blog because come on if it’s out there for the whole internet to read then would it kill me if my friends read it too?

    Comparing blogging to sex though 😀 that’s new haha. But I guess you are right, it’s quite similar.
    I started blogging because I love to write and need some place to express my thoughts and feelings. But I started when I was 14 years old (I’ve had so many blogs) and back then I thought it would be cool to have a blog.


    1. Oh yessssss, I 100% agree with you! So many of my friends think that blog is weird and they don’t understand it at all! I don’t think they would be too phased if they found out that I have a blog now though.
      I’ve been thinking the same thing though. I recently put my link up on my Pinterest account and one of my best friends found it…and now has a blog of her own! So really, maybe blogging isn’t that ‘weird’ now?
      Very similar! Haha. I started for the same reasons actually, but wow, fourteen! Haha you eager beaver you ;] It’s still cool to have a blog though! Nothing has changed! We were talking about blogging in one of my university classes and people were saying that they’ve been wanting to create their own ones but just haven’t known what they want to write about. Blogging is starting a revolution!


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