Talk-Back Tuesday: A New Feature!

Here’s the thing about blogging: it goes in cycles.

Some days you’ll be incredibly motivated and end up writing post after post to schedule for your blog. Those days are great. Cherish those days because-for me-they can few and far between. Some days I can see something on the internet or hear something at uni and it’ll start a chain reaction of I should write about this or that or maybe that would be cool… Those are the days I love the most. Then come the dreaded other days. These are the days that the blank page taunts you, the words just don’t flow, and your ‘brilliant idea’ has been done in a million different ways. Everything just seems so worn out.

So, what are you to do? Well, I’ll tell you what you do:

  1. Search internet for ‘exciting’ blog content. Nada.
  2. Think: Oh, I can write about something that happened in my day! I am a lifestyle/personal blogger after all. Hit a brick wall.
  3. Drink coffee.
  4. Nada.
  5. Remember that it’s Tuesday and you usually post about your favourite songs on this day.
  6. Search Spotify for something good. Nada.
  7. Think: Screw it, I’m going to come up with a new feature!
  8. Search the internet for inspiration. Eh. It’s late at night (I’m a nana, remember?) and stop.
  9. Holy smokes: Talk Back Tuesdays.
  10. Come up with a great way to use this as a feature.
  11. Decide that you can’t part with your love of music and move Tuesday Tunes to Thursday.
  12. Revert back to number ten.
  13. Make this bullet point list.

As you can see, (my) life as a blogger is quite complex. We do a lot more than just throw some words together and hit the publish button. The content that I publish on this site means a lot to me, and I don’t take it lightly. Even though I do just ramble about my life. There are piles upon piles of posts sitting in the ‘drafts’ folder, simply because it isn’t ‘the right time’ or the ‘right forum’ to publish those thoughts.

It does, however, feel like it’s the right time to come up with a new feature. This is something I have decided to name Talk-Back Tuesday. The idea is that I (or you) pick a topic, which I then write about, and we discuss the content. It sounds pretty simple, right? This is going to be a ‘no holds barred’ kind of feature. I can talk about whatever I want, no matter how gory it is.

Consider this to be the first post of the feature. Do you think this is a good idea? Tell me what you think and give me a suggestion on what I should write about next week! No topic is off-limits. This is your time to get my unfiltered opinion on any topic that you can think of. Go on, I know you have an idea floating around in that pretty little head ;]


12 thoughts on “Talk-Back Tuesday: A New Feature!

  1. I say go for it! Sounds like a great way to unleash the inner opinions without it being too random (: Plus, everyone loves a good opinion/discussion/heated argument (;


  2. I can help start you off if you want.
    Topic #1
    Do we learn anything from our parents relationship ? Are we destined to create the same relationship dynamics that we see and learn from when we’re growing up ? Does their example of male and female role modelling affect us irreversibly where we fall into that same dynamic ourselves or can we learn and improve from that life experience ?


  3. i loved this post so i hope its ok ive reposted it? 🙂 I also want to join in on this Feature… every tuesday i think im going to have a talkback tuesday! 🙂 Hope thats ok!! Let me know!


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