Welcome to…August.


Well, here I am, again, trying to figure out what I want to accomplish in August. I have grand plans for this month, believe you me.

  1. Complete the Thirty Day Vegan Challenge.
  2. Complete the #NoExcuses Fitness Challenge.
  3. Make my bed every day and no cup hoarding. Seriously.
  4. Do something around the house every day.
  5. Complete the Thirty Day Squat Challenge.
  6. Don’t stand on the scale.
  7. No buying food/drinks from cafes/restaurants (unless it’s an occasion).
  8. Take time for myself.
  9. Study. For real. Four hours a day; two subjects per day.
  10. Be more social/Say yes.
  11. Remember rule #6.

It’s going to be a good month.


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