Taking Stock #014


Making :: progress on my ‘to do’ list! Woohoo. I feel good about how everything is turning out. I just have a lot of reading to do before lectures tomorrow.

Drinking :: water…because water.

Reading :: about how international businesses are established and managed; also, how financial crises have affected different markets. Um, wow, business-land, you are one complex beast. All mega corporations and start-up businesses have my complete and utter respect. Just wow.

Wanting :: to get my ass back to the gym. I have been seeing (and feeling) my body change and I do not like it. This is definitely the time to make a change. No excuses.

Looking :: at the frost on the grass and I am incredibly reluctant to go outside. Ever. Winter is well and truly here, and it is no joke.

Eating :: nothinggggg. Boo. I’m dreaming of making beautiful waffles. I’m thinking about making them for dinner. Brinner? Um, yes.

Wishing :: that I could wake up and have a developed idea for a company. This is harder than I thought it would be. I have great ideas for expanding companies but I have no idea what I want an ‘original’ company to be.

Enjoying :: catching up with all the episodes that I’ve missed out on. The number is staggering but hey, I like a lazy Sunday morning as much as the next person ;]

Waiting :: on a few things. Secrets, secrets. I’m afraid I can’t (and won’t) share them with you. Gotta keep a little bit of my private life private…You know what I mean ;]

Liking :: snuggles with my hot water bottle. The temperature has been dropping into the negatives during the night. That is no joke. I like the cold but hey, this is a little too cold for my liking.

Wondering :: what this semester will bring. I’ve been assigned to my ‘team’ in one of my tutorials and whilst I’m not thrilled with the people, I’m sure we can work together and will (hopefully) produce some good results.

Hoping :: that I can rediscover my super-organised type-a self soon. Where oh where can she be?

Wearing :: my dressing gown. Woo. You should know the drill by now. If I’m writing this post then I’m in my dressing gown…or dressed like a homeless person. #unilife

Thinking :: food. Gimme all the food. I will love someone if they fed me right now. Ha. Food.

Trying :: to be positive. I don’t know what it is but I’ve had a very ‘anti’ feeling regarding people. My college just had our ‘re o-week’ and I didn’t go out to a club all week. Am I a student or am I a grandma? I know I need the time to do my own thing and just be alone but it still kind of sucks to see how much fun people are having too.

Feeling :: tired. Very, very tired. Mentally tired. I am just so incredibly drained at the moment.


6 thoughts on “Taking Stock #014

    1. Um, YES. Brinner is the best thing in the history of ever. Management is such, ugh. It is definitely a love/hate relationship at the moment. This particular moment is verging on hate but hey, I know it’ll get better at some point….Because it has to get better, right?


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