The Sunshine Award.

A couple of days ago, I woke up to a comment that said I had been nominated for an award. This comment was left by none other than the wonderful person behind the blog, Whimsical Youngster. Being nominated for this award was the last thing that I expected and quite frankly, it made my dayIt kind of ‘validates’ this whole blogging gig, don’t ya think? Anyway, the blogger who nominated me is absolutely lovely and I suggest you hop on over for a little visit.


+ Answer the eleven questions.

+ Tag/nominate eleven other bloggers that add sunshine/happiness to your day.

+ Ask eleven questions of your own!

My answers:

+ Happiest experience you’ve had so far? (Can be good or bad). My happiest experience would have to be participating in both of my parent’s wedding parties. It’s no secret that my parents got divorced when I was five and have since remarried. Whilst every kid wishes that their parents would never split up, I’m glad that they’ve found people who bring them such joy. So, for anyone who says that a person ‘only has one soulmate’ then I call bullshit. The happiness that I see in my mother and father proves that point. I am incredibly happy they found that happiness again.
+ What are your interests? love to write, travel and cook. I love learning, photography and exercise. I love netball, running and eating sushi. I love camping, swimming and being on a fast boat. I think those are some pretty decent interests ;]
+ Favourite artist and why? Well, I’m not too cultured when it comes to actual works of art. Oppsie. So, because of my serious education flaw, I’m just going to assume that this is a music artist. Twisting the question, yolo. My favourite artist would definitely be Matt Corby. I was introduced to his music a year ago and I fall in love with it every day.
+ You can control one of the four elements. What would it be, earth, water, air, or fire? This is an awesome question! I think I would control earth. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m a Taurus and my element under that sign is earth. Who knows? However, I do have a pretty fiery temper so fire could be an option. Okay, fire. Definitely fire. Fire is awesome. I might be a little bit of a pyromaniac too.
+ Favourite book of all time? I think the type of book a person reads says a lot about them. I have read hundreds, if not thousands, of books in my lifetime. My favourite is a toss-up between two: Soulmates by Miranda Glover and Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. Both of them are amazing reads and I would recommend them a thousand times over to anyone who is looking for something new.
+ Would you rather have a beautiful voice or be an amazing virtuoso of the instrument of your choice? I have always and forever wanted to have a good voice.
+ Favourite colour? I was asked this very question the other day and I struggled with the answer. The colour changes on my mood. It is very, very dependent. Right now, I would probably say a wine red colour.
+ Name one ambition of yours. To travel to at least one country on every continent.
+ Any secret talents? 😀 Hahaha I don’t think so. How disappointing.
+ How do you want other people to see you? As a surprise. I want people to see me as a dark horse. Admittingly, that is not very hard because a lot of people underestimate what I am capable of…and that is typically their undoing. Opps ;]
+ Name one characteristic you want in a boyfriend (he can be imaginary, lol.) Honest. I cannot stand someone who is not honest or loyal to themselves and their beliefs. No relationship can function effectively without some level of honesty, communication and loyalty.

My nominees:

Okay, here’s the thing: I want to nominate anyone who reads this. If anyone wants to participate and receive this award from me then please add a ping back so I know that you have ‘accepted’ it. As for the eleven questions that I’m supposed to ask, please share eleven facts about yourself! I’m sure there are a few things that we don’t know about you ;]


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