Taking Stock #013


Making :: lists upon lists upon lists; to do lists, assignment lists, lists of required textbooks and things I ‘need’ to buy. Lists, people. You should know that they make me happy.

Drinking :: water…because it’s currently 12.37am on Tuesday morning and I have a class at 8am. I should not be awake right now. Someone please come to my house and bash me over the head. You know, just hard enough to knock me out for a solid amount of sleep-time but light enough so I don’t have any permanent damage. I have a feeling you know where that fine line is.

Reading :: about the foundations and applications of management. I just purchased the book today and I have to say, I do like the paper (thus far) but I haven’t made much progress on the reading aspect. I’m hoping to change that when I drag my butt (sans laptop) to the library tomorrow to read the required chapters. Here I was thinking that o-week was going to be a walk in the park. Well, Introduction to Management is a rude, rude wake up call. Thanks for that.

Wanting :: to establish a regular sleep schedule. This feels like such a weird and grown up thing for me to say but hell, I need it. If I can feel my ‘young’ body protesting being awake this late then what am I going to be like in a couple of years? I shudder to think.

Looking :: at the pile of clothes I have on the other side of my bed. That is where a person should sleep (hello single life!) but no, that is where I keep my would-be floordrobe. One day I will actually put things where they belong when pigs fly and I capture myself a serious man friend.

Eating :: a beautiful homemade burrito that had kidney beans, carrot, capsicum, avocado and a whole tonne of pepper, chilli powder and sweet chilli sauce. Ah, life is good and spicy ;]

Wishing :: that I had gone with my gut instinct when I chose my degree. (Still). I don’t know if it’s because I’m in my second year (therefore, older and wiser) but I can definitely tell that I’m in a paper with a bunch of first years. Goodness me.

Enjoying :: the night in. I had the plan of going to sleep early so I could wake up and feel as fresh as a person who slept all night but no, I’m awake at 1am writing this post. How ironic.

Waiting :: until I can get my new tyre patched. Would you believe that I got two new tyres put on my car a week ago and one of them has already gone flat? I don’t know if it was faulty or if I ran something over but wow, that is annoying. Not a good start to the weekend/week.

Liking :: snuggles with my hot water bottle. It is the only thing that can touch my boobs without wanting to squeeze my nipple and I like that. It also doesn’t complain when I accidentally roll on top of it or shove it out of the bed. Maybe I’ll just marry a hot water bottle instead of a hot-blooded male. Hmmm…

Wondering :: what this semester will bring. I am nervous, excited, terrified and ready (ish) for this year to be done already. (Still). After looking at the course load for some of my papers the thought of can I actually do this? has popped into my head quite a lot. I am ready though. Bring it on b-semester.

Hoping :: that I get over my fear of public speaking. Well, it’s not really a ‘fear’ I just hate making presentations in front of a group. I don’t care at the end of the day but the moments leading up to the presentation are not too great.

Wearing :: some tights and a hoodie…and my turbie towel. Best invention in all the land.

Thinking :: about sleep…and sex…and food…and those chapters I should read…and that tutorial I have in seven hours. Gah.

Trying :: to blog every day and I am failing miserably. I am well aware of it. I don’t like it but it probably won’t change either. Ohh, double negatives I hate you.

Feeling :: tired. Very, very tired. As much as I love blogging and all things writing, I am glad that I can sign off and call it a night. In the past three days I have made new goals for university and blogging, deleted an old blog, edited another old blog and created a new (secret) blog. All (might) be revealed later ;]


4 thoughts on “Taking Stock #013

  1. Don’t beat yourself up for not blogging every day. I would fail so miserably at that. Sometimes you just don’t have anything you want to write about or you just want to spend time doing other things. And your burrito sounds delicious too!


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