The Happy List.

This blogging every day thing is friggin’ fantastic. I love this thing. Faith, Allie and Juliette are onto a real winner. These ladies are golden, golden, golden.

Day Seven: Things That Make You Smile

It was a minion moment. Borrowed from this URL.

// Long weekends.

// Sushi.

// Pizza.

// Coffee and green tea.

// Forehead kisses.

// Wearing sweatpants AKA my homeless pants.

// Being able to watch series online; The Bachelor / The Bachelorette, I’m looking at you.

// Naps.

// Having a clean car.

// Gonna be really blunt: sex makes me smile.

// Lists.

// A good book.

// Friday nights in.

// Anything on sale.



8 thoughts on “The Happy List.

  1. I have pretty much the same thing on my happy list!!! Green tea, coffee and sushi are the best things i know!!! ^_^True love, right there!
    And im glad im not the only one who likes Friday nights in 😉 Not every weekend has to be spent partying! haha


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