Taking Stock #012


Making :: plans for my last week of holiday. I’m trying to hold it together right now but I’m freaking out on the inside. I’m simply not ready to go back to university yet. Whyyyyyyy.

Drinking :: coffee. If you were to ask me that question in any given moment of the day, nine times out of ten I will reply with coffee. Because coffee.

Reading :: information about protein powders. I’ve been curious about them for a while and I think I’m finally going to bite the bullet and buy one…after a little more research. If any of you know any good vegetarian/vegan protein powders I will be forever in your debt.

Wanting :: to start another blog. I love this blog, don’t get me wrong, but I have the feeling of wanting to create a space for something entirely different. I want a space where I write about a solid topic for once. Maybe I’ll find that ‘solid topic’ one day.

Looking :: at the blue, blue sky. I feel guilty for not being out there and basking in the beautiful winter rays…then I remember how cold it is and I think eh, another day.

Eating :: I had beautiful homemade custard with ginger, kiwifruit and almonds for a snack/lunch. Too good.

Wishing :: that I had gone with my gut instinct when I chose my degree. Blah. I’m toying with some major life-changing decisions at the moment. It is scary and insane and exciting all at the same time.

Enjoying :: the quiet. Some family members have found their way up to the beach and whilst I love them with all my heart…they are quite loud. I’m hiding up in my room while they get ready to go out on the boat. Hallelujah, peace and quiet.

Waiting :: until tomorrow: home time. Woohoo. I love this “having two homes” thing I have going on. It is a brilliant thing. Sometimes I even like my college “home” more than my “real” home but shhh, don’t tell my mother I said that ;]

Liking :: prunes. Weird, I know. I’ve had a sudden and urgent craving for them and I’m not hating it. They are like little bites of happiness.

Wondering :: what this semester will bring. I am nervous, excited, terrified and ready (ish) for this year to be done already.

Hoping :: what the days fly by. Can it be the end of the year (or October) yet?

Wearing :: my workout clothes. I haven’t done a proper sweat-is-dripping-down-my-face workout in a couple of weeks and I thought that wearing my exercise clothes might get the ball rolling…Yet here I am. Surprise, surprise. This needs to change. Soon.

Thinking :: about exercising. It counts if I’m thinking about it reaaaaally hard, right? ;]

Trying :: to make an effort with my meal planning. I have all these wonderful cookbooks and recipes on Pinterest but do I utilise them? Well, no. I’m just glad I only have to cook for myself. I have a feeling a partner or child would be very disappointed and hungry.

Feeling :: very much under the pump. All of a sudden, it feels like I have so many things to do and organise but not enough time. Yes, this happens a lot. Story of my life. Woo.


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock #012

  1. I actually love protein powder! I have only every used vegan protein powders, and my favourites are SunWarrior and Growing Naturals. I get both in vanilla. They’re awesome in smoothies, but my favourite way to have them is mixed in yoghurt! it makes the yoghurt so thick and delicious (:


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