Everyone has one, right?

Well, I was looking through the blogosphere (again) and I stumbled across a blogging challenge that included some of my blogging favourites! It’s for the whole of July and I have been saying for ages that I want to participate in a thirty-day challenge. Well, here’s my chance! Woohoo! I’m going to be linking up in time with the northern hemisphere which means that all of the posts are going to be a day behind the actual date in New Zealand. Oh well, what can a girl do?

Day number one was all about Canada Day…which is awkward because 1) I’m not Canadian and 2) I’m not even in the same hemisphere as any Canadians. Opps. I was also out-of-town so I thought it was okay to give it a miss.

Day Two: Guilty Pleasures

Everyone loves hearing about guilty pleasures, am I right? However, some people have a little trouble with spilling their guts. Well, not me ;]

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

I started watching this show years and years ago. I became enamoured with it; all of it. The beautiful women, the rather attractive (and muscly) men, exotic destinations and dream dates captured my attention. It all seemed like a dream to me. It didn’t seem like real life. People actually give up their careers, their families and their lives to go and broadcast their love life on television? …If you make it past the dreaded first night, that is. As the seasons wear on, the whole institution (in my opinion) is getting a little tired…yet I still watch it diligently. Sean Lowes’ season finished airing not that long ago and I have already jumped into watching both Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor and Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette. I think I miiiight know why I keep watching The Bachelor because dang. What the what?! Can I please have ten of those shipped to my house in New Zealand? I will be forever grateful.


16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom

I was fifteen/sixteen when this show first aired with Maci, Farrah, Catelynn and Amber as the cast of season one. I was instantly hooked into this show. I don’t know if it was because they were girls close to my age on television or if it was because of the situation they were in. Either way, I tuned in every week and caught up on any episode that I had missed. Admittingly, it is television so stuff is cut out and edited so that we can perceive things a certain way but it is still real life. Their life, documenting their struggles as they go through motherhood and being a teenager. A few of my family members and friends have had the same experience of being a young mother and I can say that yes, they have struggled but they are also the best mothers. Age does not dictate what kind of mother a person will be.

The Vampire Diaries/True Blood

I am a vampire fiend. I love them alllllll. So, it makes sense that I have to watch vampire-y shows, right? I just caught up on the last season of The Vampire Diaries so I’ve started in on True Blood. I am very lost. I really have no idea what is going on. I guess that’s what I deserve after not watching for several seasons then deciding to jump in again. The opening sequence had Jason + Eric making out…I think? Say whaaaat. I am…gah. Lost and confused. Lasses, you can’t deny that the Salvatore brothers/Eric aren’t bangin’ though. Oh, the things I would do to those lads. I’d say their good looks make up at least half of the reason why I watch the show(s). That, and the music is pretty good too.

Stolen from his Instagram account
Stolen from his Instagram account

Chai latte + ginger slice

These two things are my go to winter treats. Whenever I go into a cafe I order one or both of these things without fail. I am addicted to both of these things. Too good. Do I really need to write a justification for these two beings of heaven? I would marry these things if I had the option. No doubt.


Another food thing because, well, why not? Last semester I was having sushi dates at least once a week with my friends. They were brilliant. I would pile my little tray with spicy tofu sushi. It is the best thing ever. I would also marry sushi. Without a doubt.

Stolen from my Instagram
Stolen from my Instagram


Day-drinking and university life seems to go hand in hand. You don’t question it, you just go with it. Last year I found that I needed a drink or three during the afternoon while I was studying. Sometimes it was a good decision, other times it just resulted in a messy afternoon. Sometimes a messy afternoon was exactly what I needed so hey, I’m not really complaining. I’ve heard that a glass of wine is good for you and I am sticking with that – actual research be damned.

If any of you want to join in/link up with us then click on this link here and you’ll be taken to the list of posts for the month and the first post that was published about Canada Day.


4 thoughts on “Everyone has one, right?

  1. The Bachelor/Bachelorette.. YES. I hardcore started watching during Juan Pablo’s season, but now I love it even more during Andi’s! She is so pretty and seems very down to earth! I just hope she gets a good one! Thanks for linking up with us!


    1. Oh yes, I love Andi a lot more than Juan …I don’t know why but he just irritates me now haha. That accent and bod though …drools. I hope she gets a good one too! Thanks for creating an awesome link up! Woo!


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