Winter List!

A favourite blogger (and person) of mine recently published a post that included a ‘summer list‘ of all her favourite summer things. Well, I don’t know about you, but it is winter where I am. New Zealand, oh, you beautiful country of the southern hemisphere. But if summer could hurry up and get here that would be nice too. So for the sake of this post, I will be changing all the questions to be suited to winter, much like Aimée has on her blog. Lets get this ball rolling!

What are your plans for the winter? road-trip-woo

Well, I’m currently on break from university and I am in full-on celebration mode. I still have two weeks to go so I’m planning on doing some extra study, hit the gym, visit friends and family, and get some ‘fun’ reading done. I usually have a lot of reading to do for university papers so I don’t get much time to read books I like…which is sad. I also have a list of people I have to visit/are visiting me: my family at the beach, my dad, the guy I’m seeing and a couple more friends from out-of-town. So many people and not enough time. Ah. When these two weeks pass I’m going to be studying my bootay off for university! Ah, college life, you fickle mistress. Why can’t it be partying and hangovers all the time?

What did you do on Midsummer?

I didn’t celebrate Midsummer because I live in New Zealand -.- It is something I really want to participate in one day! I can see myself living in Sweden too. You never know, in a couple of years I could be saying that I was picking flowers and dancing around the maypole ;]

My favourite winter breakfast:

I’m a friggin’ weirdo when it comes to eating breakfast. I don’t get really hungry for food until several hours after I wake up. I also don’t really ‘eat to the seasons’. The typical breakfast I’ve been having is a smoothie/juice with more fruit/vegetables on the side and a handful of nuts! So good. Otherwise I have a chia seed pudding with more fruit. On days that I’m really feeling winter I will have a Marmite and cheese toasted sandwich or some oatmeal. Too good.

My favourite winter song:

The annoying thing about living in the southern hemisphere is that we get all the good summer songs from the northern hemisphere! Ha. I’ve been going out with friends to clubs and bars a lot so I’ve been listening to those types of songs quite frequently. However, I also like some acoustic songs that you need to know about. I actually heard my new favourite song on The Vampire Diaries. As it turns out, I am way too invested in that show. I cried. Haha. Opps. Here’s the song:

What’s your favourite thing to grill/bbq?

I am probably the worst Kiwi because I haven’t grilled anything in a long, long time. I don’t think I grilled anything in summer either. Whoops? I have seen a lot of things on pinterest (my fave). One of them was making a vegetable kebab and grilling it. It looks amazing.

What’s your favourite drink in winter?chai-latte

I’m a huge coffee drinker. I love it. If it was possible to marry a cup of (good) coffee then I would. In winter I turn into a huge chai latte drinker. It is my go to drink whenever I walk into a coffee shop. However, as soon as university starts up I’m sure I’ll be asking for my typical triple shot flat white. Gotta have that brain wired for my classes ;]

What am I reading in winter?

I actually started reading one of my absolute favourite books again! It’s called Soulmates by Miranda Glover. I’ve had the book for five years and it is one that I keep going back to. Long story short: it’s about twins; one gets divorced and runs away to Sweden without telling anyone. Whist there, she starts to rediscover herself and falls in love with a man. Meanwhile, in England, her twin sister is falling in love with the ex-husband and discovers facts about the past. Eventually, the two worlds collide and it is great. This book is the one that taught me so much about Midsummer.

Favourite thing to wear in winter?

I typically wear jeans with a cuddly jumper/t-shirt. I love my woollen stuff. It is great. I also spend a lot of time in my dressing gown. It is like being wrapped up in clouds all day. It is great.

Best pool/bathing place?

Well, I’m a weirdo and I actually don’t like wearing a bathing suit. I don’t really know why but I will go out of my way to not wear one. Ugh. So, for that reason, I would have to say my own house is pretty dandy…except when the shower runs out of hot water…when I’m still showering. Gah. Not ideal. The guy I’m ‘seeing’ wants to take me to a spa place so hey, maybe I’ll be convinced to get in a bathing suit sometime soon ;]


6 thoughts on “Winter List!

  1. Okay I love marmite and cheese toasted sandwiches as well! Everyone thinks I’m so weird but they are delicious! So glad I’m not the only one who eats them


    1. You definitely aren’t! They’re almost considered to be a staple in NZ. I got introduced to them when I was really young and I fell in love. They have to be made with marmite though…none of this vegemite crap! Haha


  2. Yay I am not the only one suffering through winter while reading blogs about everyone’s summer! And I am SO with you on the music thing – I hate that we get all the good summer songs at this time of year! I love Calvin Harris ‘Summer’, but it’s just not the same listening to it when it’s raining outside!


    1. Oh yes, it is the worst thing looking through all their ‘summery photos’ while I’m looking out the window at the rain ;( usch. ‘Summer’ is my jam at the moment! Haha I run to it alllll the time. Just wait until December…then we can bombard them with our summer photos while they’re looking at snow and stuff ;]


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