It’s a Good Day When… [A Link Up]

In the spirit of late-night internet surfing, I found a great link-up from one of my favourite bloggers! So why not join in? I never participate in link ups enough so it seems like the perfect time! Who doesn’t like talking about what would make it a good day?

it's a good day when link up

[ O N E ] Waking up to forehead kisses. They are the best thing ever.

[ T W O ] Someone makes me coffee, not the other way around.

[ T H R E E ] I spend majority of the day in my dressing gown and binge watching The Bachelorette. I’m addicted. #sorrynotsorry

[ F O U R ] Cheese takes a starring role in my diet. Wow, I have missed cheese.

[ F I V E ] A sushi date is involved. Lads, take notice ;]

[ S I X ] My bank account is healthier than I thought.

[ S E V E N ] I find a link up that I’m not ridiculously late for. Woohoo ;]

[ E I G H T ] You manage to haul your ass to the gym…and are happy to be there.

[ N I N E ] You find a really awesome cookbook and you can’t wait to try all the recipes. #domesticgoddess

[ T E N ] You finally have enough memory space on your phone to download that app you’ve been fawning over. It’s QuizUp for any of you that are interested. I’m particularly addicted to the Twilight/Harry Potter quizzes. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game ;]

[ E L E V E N ] Skype dates happen. Happy days.

[ T W E L V E ] You get told you can use your sister’s juicer for as long as you want…and that there will be birthday cake at the next party you go to. Oh. Cake. Insert heart emojis all over the place.

[ T H I R T E E N ] Speaking of going out, find out the Ricci from Geordie Shore is going to be in town at the same time as you. I am just a teensy bit excited to be going out tomorrow night ;]

[ F O U R T E E N ] Realise this counts as a legitimate blog post. Woohoo. – celebratory dance –

If any of you feel the need to link up with us then please click this link here!


7 thoughts on “It’s a Good Day When… [A Link Up]

  1. There is something so sweet and caring about forehead kisses. I love them. Being home for summer means my mom makes the coffee which makes me enjoy it so much more. Speaking of cake, I’ll have some tonight. I’ve been looking forward to it since I woke up this morning. Yayy cake 🙂


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