Taking Stock #010


Making :: this post? Does that count? It is earlyyyyy in New Zealand so just the fact that I’m awake this early on a Sunday is a miracle.

Drinking :: coffee. I would not be awake right now if it wasn’t for coffee. It is a mystical god that I am in love with. One day I will buy a proper coffee maker and life will be grand.

Reading :: The Hungry Student: Vegetarian Cookbook. I am a hoarder of cookbooks. I admit it. I buy them because they look pretty but I never, ever end up making the recipes. Why? I honestly don’t know. I am planning on going through the whole book by the end of this year and making every single recipe. Mark my words.

Wanting :: to travel. I have a major case of wanderlust at the moment. It is insane.

Looking :: I’m currently watching 16 & Pregnant. That counts. I can’t believe they are up to season five already. I can remember when it first came out. I was obsessed back then and it is still my guilty pleasure nowadays.

Eating :: nothing ;[ I’m daydreaming about the beautiful smoothie I’m going to make though. I have high hopes. I’ve been attempting the rawtill4 lifestyle (with coffee drinking) for the past couple of days and I feel good. Hopefully I can keep this up for a while longer.

Wishing :: that I had my degree already. I do love college life but sometimes I get the itch to get away from this place. Now is definitely that time.

Enjoying :: relaxing in bed. I can feel some aches and pains after going to the gym yesterday so I am taking it slow today. Hooray.

Waiting :: until Tuesdaaaaaay. I have a very special person coming for a visit ;] reow.

Liking :: my bed. Still. It is a glorious place to be on a Sunday (or any day).

Wondering :: what my grades will be. I’m slightly terrified. One of my classes was solely portfolio work so I only got one grade throughout the whole semester. It wasn’t a permanent grade but it still scares me. I was not happy with that grade.

Hoping :: that the days fly by. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Please come faster.

Wearing :: my dressing gown. I still don’t own pyjamas. I feel like I need to invest in some. Soon.

Thinking :: about food. I am so hungry. Food, food, food. Soon, soon, soon. Yay.

Trying :: to figure out what the heck I’m going to wear today/tonight. I have coffee and dinner plans with some friends and wow, getting dressed is a mission. I accidentally left some important clothes at my mum’s house…which is three hours away. Not helpful in the slightest. Oppps.

Feeling :: like I could go for a nap. Right now. Please?


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