Taking Stock #009


Making :: myself get motivated. Easier said than done. I’m currently sitting in bed, listening to The Bachelor (Sean’s season) as I write this. The Bachelor might be my guilty little secret ;]

Drinking :: powerade. The blue kind. It is glorious. The little blue drink is a gift from the gods at the moment.

Reading :: blog posts. So. Many. Blog. Posts. Uni work was piling up so blogging got put on the back burner, but now that I have a month off, I have time to catch up!

Wanting :: laundry to do itself. I have a pile of sheets and other things that need to be washed but I can’t get the motivation to do it. Struggle bus. Also, Thai food. That would be pretty nice right now.

Looking :: at postgraduate opportunities…still. There are so many it is insane. Maybe I’m a little insane for looking at them this early. I only still have a year and a half to go!

Eating :: nothing ;[ soon to be Thai food though. Thai food is great.

Wishing :: that I can get the motivation to go to the gym. Really. I keep saying that I’m going to the gym but something always comes up.

Enjoying :: spending my day in bed…and finding out that it is Sunday and not Monday like I thought it was. Hooray.

Waiting :: until I can drive my little car again ;] I do love him quite a lot.

Liking :: my bed. It is glorious and it smells like boy. French boy. The best smell ever ;]

Wondering :: what happened last night. Whoops.

Hoping :: that I didn’t make tooooooo much of an ass of myself.

Wearing :: …last nights dress and a dressing gown. I am one classy lass ;]

Thinking :: about having a shower. It’s not lunchtime yet so I think I have a little leeway ;]

Trying :: to get motivated. Are we seeing a theme of this post?

Feeling :: like someone is grabbing my stomach and just twisting it. Not a good feeling.


21 thoughts on “Taking Stock #009

  1. Get yer butt to the gym, you can do it! I have faith! Trust me! The hardest part is GETTING there, once you’re there its a cake walk.

    I am borderline obsessed with the gym though so… 😦


    1. Haha yes, it really is! I looooove going to the gym but I’ve been sick the past few weeks so I’m just focusing on getting myself better again…That and assignments had really piled up! Ha. #unilife. I think I have a date with a POT this weekend so that’s motivation for me to get my ass in the gym for the next four days!


      1. I hear Ya, gettin my butt in to gear!

        I hope you’re feeling better and good luck with school 🙂 summer semesters kicking my butt too.


        1. Well, I THINK I have one. Haha. He has a lot of potential but he’s also a tad busy this week so it miiiight be a miracle if it actually happens! Also married so yes, there’s that…

          I did go to the gym this morning though and WOW. I have missed that place a lot more than I thought I did. Thank you! I actually have a month off now! Just one more assignment to finish and then I’m freeeee 🙂

          Good luck with your school and date! Can’t wait to hear about it 😉


    1. Hey petal! Ooooh, thank you! I love your blog as well! Even follow it on Bloglovin’ 😉 Laundry is kicking my ass! I think I get it all done and then more springs up out of no where! Why is this “adult” thing so dfhgjkdhfkd sometimes?!


    1. Yessss. I think today is my motivation day as well! I actually woke up BEFORE my alarm! What is life?! Even got my butt to the gym too. I might be semi-dying now but hey, I’m glad I went! Good luck with your transcribing! 🙂


  2. Was looking for a post from you to say that Sims 4 is coming out in September and the pre-order is dirt cheap! At least in this part of the world! I knew you would share my excitement so eeeeek! 😀


    1. Hehehe YES. I am so beyond excited! I feel like a little kid on Christmas! I have to wait for the Mac version…which they haven’t mentioned a whole lot ;[ The preorder is $90-100 here! Not cheap at all ;[


          1. Good thing I didn’t get it then. I haven’t played anything on my new Mac as yet. Think will wait out the “wait”!


  3. I’ve started working out at home. I can get a work out in and shower in half the time it takes me to go to the gym, so that works for me! I loooooove Thai food. I don’t even think we have a Thai place in this new town we are living. Sad face.


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