Sleepless in New Zealand.

blonde insomnia girl
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This post is coming to you at 3.48am on Thursday morning. I just had my “first breakfast”of the day. It was almonds and rice cruskits. It was glorious. I’m now craving something hot and delicious so I’m thinking of breaking out my tinned tomatoes and jalapeños to eat on some toasted bread. I think that would be absolutely delicious. Why does everything always taste better when you aren’t supposed to be eating it?

Like cereal for dinner.

Like pies for breakfast.

Like waffles for lunch.

Like weetbix at midnight.

Like almonds and cruskits and pita bread and tinned tomatoes and jalapeños at 4am.

This first breakfast is probably going to be my actual breakfast. Too good. There’s almost no point in sleep now too. My alarm is going off in two hours. I can’t even deal.

There has been something happening with my body that just denies me sleep. I beg and I plead and I count sheep but it just doesn’t happen. So, I sit here, twiddling my thumbs until I think it’s a reasonable time to eat food (4am, apparently) and I can officially count myself as “awake” for the day. Well, now is that time folks. Heck, I might even make it to the gym at 6am if I keep this up. Who knows?

It feels like I’m the only person awake in the whole world right now and it is glorious.

It feels like I could walk around the house naked and no one would care but I would freeze my tits off.

It feels like I could do a workout in my bedroom for the first time in forever.

It feels like I could write an entire assignment before anyone even considers getting ready for their day at university.

It feels like I could bake a cake for the “shared lunch” I’m having at university today. Ha, like that’ll happen.

It feels like I could take on the world because I’ve gotten to that delirious stage of being tired and it is awesome.

Edit: I’m going to make that awesome tomato/jalapeño/pita bread combination I was talking about. No regrets.


4 thoughts on “Sleepless in New Zealand.

  1. i feel you. although lately i have been falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow because i work at starbuck’s and that means stupid early mornings. but also free drinks so it’s ok. but would you want to do a button swap? i love your blog and want to put a link to it on my sidebar! so just email me one if you’re interested! 200 wide and 100 tall please.
    the little diary


    1. Awww, I’ve never had Starbucks before! I feel like that is a crime. I woooould, if I can figure it out haha. I’m a little hopeless when it comes to buttons and stuff like that. I will definitely email you though! :]


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