Taking Stock #008


Making :: a slide show and speech for a seminar on hunger and appetite. It’s for my food writing paper and yeah, I’m not too excited about it. There is just something about having all eyes on me that makes me want to throw up. I do not do well in public situations. Ha.

Drinking :: water, water, water. Ever since flirting with the raw food diet I have been wanting coffee less and less. If you know me, this is a miracle in itself. I’m have a standard of at least four cups of coffee in a day…but that number can get up to six on a really bad day. I think I have a pretty solid caffeine addiction.

Reading :: articles on parenting and behaviourism. Some articles are saying that the “make sure your plate is clean or you won’t get dessert” method is actually causing negative backwash. Did you know that? I was never forced to eat everything on my plate and if I didn’t like something [like steak/bacon] then something else was cooked for me [like chicken]. I was a spoiled child in that aspect. I admit it.

Wanting :: this semester to be over. Three more weeks to go and then I have a month off. What? This is awesome.

Looking :: at postgrad opportunities. It may be a loooooong way off but where is the harm in looking now? Yeah, that’s what I thought too ;]

Eating :: I had a mega craving for banana on toast with honey…so I had exactly that. It was beautiful.

Wishing :: that I would just get my ass down to the beach. I haven’t left the house since I got here on Friday evening. I feel like that’s a little sad. I’m also surprised that I haven’t gone absolutely bonkers yet.

Enjoying :: this time away from the city. Not going to lie, I got a little too drunk the other night and made a bit of a fool of myself. Whoops. Also, the city was starting to suffocate me so I really just needed to get away from it all.

Waiting :: until inspiration strikes so I can write this piece of creative writing. So. Much. Writing. It is insane.

Liking :: the comfiness of my bed. I never want to leave. Ever.

Wondering :: what people think about me right now…that is quite a terrifying thought actually.

Loving :: my bed. I don’t need no man when I have a bed as brilliant as this. And, you know, cats are cool too.

Hoping :: that this week is going to be better than the last.

Marvelling :: at how the sun can be so beautiful and bright in the sky, but still has to ability to freeze me in place. Winter. Woo.

Smelling :: bacon and eggs…aka grease. Fun fact: the smell of cooking bacon makes me gag.

Thinking :: I should really go for a run…I should really go for a bike ride…I should really do more photography. See a pattern?

Trying :: to stay focussed…yet somehow I went from reading educational articles to writing this post. You know how it is ;]

Feeling :: like the end of the semester cannot come soon enough.


8 thoughts on “Taking Stock #008

  1. I don’t like the eat everything on your plate method because it teaches kids to eat even if they aren’t hungry. Although, I wouldn’t make the child something different. They either eat what’s on their plate or they wait until they are hungry enough to eat it 😉 My big sis did that for her kids and they aren’t picky at all!


  2. When I was young, my family always encouraged finishing all the food. Now I’m trying to tach them that its healthier to eat until you’re comfortable and not til you feel like exploding!! I love your blog!


  3. Hi. Came across your blog in my wordpress reader. This blog theme looks cool. A good way to take stock of the week gone by. Since tomorrow is a Sunday, I guess I landed here just in time! 🙂
    Your semester is probably over by now. Enjoy the break! Cheers!


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