Listen up kiddies.

I have a mega bombshell to drop on you.

You will never see this coming.

I didn’t see it coming until this morning.

A decision has been made.

It could be one that will change everything.


For a while, I’ve had the feeling that I’m a little lost in my degree. I do love what I’m studying, don’t get me wrong, but there just feels like there is something missing from it. I’m interested in everything I’m studying but there just isn’t that click this semester. Maybe I just haven’t found the right realm of linguistics yet. Maybe. Because of this, I’ve been looking at other options. Postgraduate options… and I have reached a decision.

I am going to do a postgraduate in journalism, or intern…or you know, travel.

I’ve found a course that can be either twelve or eighteen months and it results in a postgraduate diploma in journalism or a master of journalism degree. It is highly competitive and as far as I know, only twenty people get accepted each year after jumping through numerous hoops.

Failing that, I’m going to travel and it’ll be grand. I’ve had a plan to travel Europe once I graduate and I still really want to do that as well. So, failing getting into the postgraduate degree or internship, I am going to run away to Europe. There is an agency that hooks students up with jobs and accommodation for six months if you book through them. It seems like a pretty good deal, right?

So, what do these new plans mean for Lancaster?

I’ve decided to pull out of study abroad.

This is something that I have thought about again and again. I have gone back and forth so many times in the past month. It is beyond ridiculous. Finally, after completing my official application, I have decided to pull out of the experience.


I have three papers that are a requirement for my degree. All three of those papers are being offered in the first semester of next year. I was planning on extending my time at Lancaster from September – June; a full academic year. Extending would mean that I would completely miss taking those three essential papers. However, going for only two months would mean that I was in a high stress environment, spending thousands of dollars and not seeing much for that time. I feel like it is not worth it. At all.

I might come to regret this decision but in this very moment it feels like I am doing the right thing. I have one and a half years left of my undergraduate degree. After that comes the internship, the postgraduate degree or travel. Maybe a weird combination of two if I get incredibly lucky.

So yes, that is my potentially life changing news.

I have changed the whole projection of my life.


It is refreshing to know that I can do this.

I have choices.

I have opportunities.

Also, everyone knows the best life decisions are made at 9.30pm whilst ridiculously tired ;]

Trust me, I know what I am doing.


10 thoughts on “Listen up kiddies.

  1. Good for you! It seems like you’ve really made the best decision for the goals you are hoping to accomplish, and I think it’s all going to work out beautifully!


    1. Aw, thank you petal! I really feel like I have made the best decision for me :] I feel like a whole weight has been lifted from my shoulders…so, you know, that must be a good thing. I finally feel like I can focus on the now instead of what is happening waaaaaay in the future. It feels good.


  2. Hey ^.^
    I love what you decided to go with and travel never hurt nobody right?
    Would it be okay with you if you told me about the agency that hooks students up with jobs and accommodation please?


  3. Wow, well good luck with your decision. I hope it works out well. This year I pulled out of my degree half way through. I don’t regret my decision though 🙂


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