46 random facts about me!

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting at home, watching movies and eating the raw not-quite-frozen feijoa ice-cream I made; the recipe of which is originally found on this blog but it is also featured on this one. The second blog also has more recipes that incorporate the goodness that is the feijoa. If you know me at all then you would know that I am in love with anything to do with feijoas. I did have plans to go out tonight but it is kinda cold and I really don’t feel like getting an alcohol blanket only to have an alcohol hangover tomorrow morning. Definitely not worth it if you ask me. So, instead, I’m here to share fifty random facts about me. I got this idea from this blog here and I just knew I had to get in on it ;]

  1. hate written numbers in their proper numerical form. If I could write out one hundred million two hundred and one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars then I would.
  2. The first time I went in an airplane I was upgraded and we were flying to America. I was fourteen and it was awesome.
  3. I am a Taurus. I think it is just a little obvious ;]
  4. I am a cat person. If I ever date someone, it is paramount that they love animals too.
  5. I have had two nicknames in my life: Peanut and Blue.
  6. When I was younger I was very good at repressing my emotion and pretending they didn’t exist. That is really biting me in the ass these days.
  7. My favourite movie of all time is Lion King.
  8. I am comfortable in silence. One of my ex boyfriends told me that not everything has to be said and it is something that I have remembered for a long time.
  9. I am an introvert.
  10. My favourite numbers are seven and thirteen.
  11. I do not believe in regrets. At one point in your life you did exactly what you wanted and well done for that. You did something that made you happy. Whether or not that same thing is still making you happy is up to you. Life lessons.
  12. I really hate yolo but I find myself using it a lot. 90% of the time it is sarcastically but I’m ashamed to admit that the other 10% is in complete seriousness.
  13. I have two tattoos and I have plans for at least two more.
  14. I am addicted to coffee. Just the other day I stopped drinking it as an experiment and within twenty-four hours I was curled up into a little ball of human mush.
  15. I am newly vegetarian.
  16. I have wanted to be a journalist since I was ten years old.
  17. I have wanted to travel to Italy since I was seven years old.
  18. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have some pretty big dreams for the future.
  19. I believe in the Rule of Three.
  20. It has been several hours and the ice-cream has had time to set properly. I am in love. If you like feijoa and you like ice-cream then you should definitely go ahead and make the recipe! It is a creamy, magical goodness. Plus, I didn’t feel guilty when I was eating it straight from the original bowl. Definitely a plus ;]
  21. I find older men quite attractive…That being said, I cannot stand one who is too clingy either. A woman needs her space. Just let her breathe.
  22. My name was inspired by a pack of surgical gloves and by the name on a letterbox in the movie, Arachnophobia.
  23. I can never find something with the proper spelling of my name on it. Cheesy key chain at the airport? Better think again. Never have I ever seen anything with my name spelled the “normal” way on it.
  24. Hablo español un poco.
  25. I cannot whistle.
  26. I have had braces for four years come August.
  27. I had my first kiss when I was thirteen. We were playing spotlight in the woods by his house and as we were “hiding” he pulled me closer and it ended up in a pretty heavy make out session.
  28. When I get incredibly angry I adopt a British accent.
  29. When I’m speaking to someone who has a slight accent or speaks in a different way, I find that my language converges with theirs. It is odd.
  30. I did not walk until I was eighteen months old.
  31. I am a daddy’s girl through and through.
  32. I failed getting my learners licence the first time.
  33. My birthstone is a diamond and I love it.
  34. My favourite flower is a lotus.
  35. I am in love with the Latin language…even though I cannot speak it. I think it is so beautiful and I would love to have the opportunity to study it in the future.
  36. I am the queen of procrastination.
  37. I have a recurring dream that a cat is trying to steal my car.
  38. I hate the colour pink.
  39. Eyes are my favourite thing about a person.
  40. If I could collect handbags then I would. I am obsessed.
  41. I still have the teddy bears I was given when I was a baby.
  42. I think Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler are the perfect specimens of human nature.
  43. I will never, ever get a piercing. The idea of a needle going through one side of my skin (and theoretically out the other) freaks me out.
  44. I had my first (aware) alcoholic drink at the age of eleven. It was a rum and coke. I then progressed to gin and tonics to which I am currently addicted.
  45. The amount of minutes I have been home since taking my cousin to the emergency room.
  46. I am so incredibly grateful that I have this blog. Honestly. It is such a good place to come to and it just feels like a good space to write in. I’m happy that I’ve managed to create a place like this again. It feels good.

4 thoughts on “46 random facts about me!

  1. Loved this 🙂 And i love your thinking about ‘no regrets’ i think im going to start thinking that way as well. Because you are completely right… at one time i made a decision that would make me happy, and i wanted to make that choice (i guess!! and its nothing i should regret later!! And im the same with emotions… i repress them, though its not such a good thing now a days!!


    1. Aw, thank you petal! Yes, I don’t believe in regrets…especially if you made the conscious decision to do something. Being drunk and making a stupid choice…well, I think that can be a regret ;] It’s kind of like the whole “fool me once, fool me twice” thing. Repressing emotions do not bode well! TRUST ME. I am paying for it now! Haha boooo.


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