Taking Stock #007


Making :: lists upon lists upon lists. I feel like I have lists coming out of my ears at the moment. It is absolutely insane. For some reason, I have only just clicked that I have a little over one month until I move back home again so a tiny part of me is going into ‘panic mode’ again. Not to mention the pile of things I need to do for university and study abroad applications. Jeez.

Drinking :: coffee, water, green tea and raspberry leaf tea. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, water keeps me hydrated, coffee ensures that I’m awake, green tea tastes nice and raspberry leaf tea can do amazing things for females when it is “that time” …providing you drink it for a while. And you know, it tastes pretty good too.

Reading :: articles that explain teacher methodologies and the benefits/downfalls of testing in second language learning environments. It is fascinating. Although I don’t know if it is because I attempted to learn Spanish last year or because I’m genuinely head over heels in love with any almost any  topic I study at the moment. Linguistics is definitely something that has a special place in my heart.

Wanting :: a regular sleep schedule, exercise schedule and a magical fairy to come and write all my assignments for me. Maybe just that last one. That would be nice ;]

Looking :: at flights to England. I’ve finally decided that it is time to get serious and actually start looking at airlines, places to stay and things to see in the first five or so days that I’m going to be in England before orientation starts. I don’t know if I want to stay in London or just go straight to Lancaster. Hell, I might even go to France first. Who knows? I sure as hell don’t. (You know, providing Lancaster doesn’t change their mind and kick me out).

Eating :: Last night I ate a whole bag of moro bars and although they are amazing, they are incredibly bad for you. Especially when consumed in excess. Opps. This morning I woke up and decided to create a new meal plan which will shock my body back to its old ways. Hopefully. This only happened when I realised that I had purchased a bunch of vegetables at the beginning of the week and eaten exactly zero of them. Whoops. It has been one of those weeks. You won’t believe.

Wishing :: that my braces would have the “all clear” to come off already. August marks the four year anniversary of having these beauts in my mouth. I sincerely hope I can get them taken off before I go overseas otherwise I am not going to be a happy lady.

Enjoying :: this weekend. For some reason, I have chosen this weekend to be my “lazy weekend”. I usually have one of these a month and it is my time to just hit “reset” and do what I want without feeling guilty. The only bad thing is that to do lists seem to pile up but hey, I would take a couple of days of relaxing over a to do list any day ;]

Waiting :: until my flatmate stops vacuuming so I can go to sleep. For real. It has only just gone past 9pm but I’m dead tired. Doing nothing really takes it outta ya ;]

Liking :: Grimm. I never thought I would get into a show like this but for some reason I am hooked and it is beautiful.

Wondering :: if finally having sex gives people the ability to change overnight. I don’t know what it is but something just feels very “off” and I’m just a little confused at the moment.

Loving :: snuggles with my hot water bottle. Since I don’t have anyone to cuddle with at night, my hot water bottle is the next best thing. Perhaps he is even better because he doesn’t hog the blanket at night and doesn’t complain if I push him away when I’m done with him ;] reow.

Hoping :: that I can get a good night sleep because I want to go to a gym class in the morning. 6am gym class = absolute insanity at this moment. I have a sinking feeling that I’m going to be sleeping through my alarm instead. Oh well. The thought is the only thing that counts, right?

Marvelling :: at how a lot of things are simply mind over matter. Such a cliché phrase, I know, but it is beyond true. This is coming from a girl who knows she has a packet of chocolates in her drawer and is choosing to not eat them. If that isn’t mind over matter then I don’t know what is.

Smelling :: perfume. It smells like Katy Perry up in hurrrr.

Wearing :: …well, when I started writing this post I was wearing what the picture details…and now I’m in sweats and a baggy jumper. So yes, almost bedtime for me ;]

Noticing :: that no matter how many talks I have with my friend, we always end up in the exact same place. Ha. Baby steps, baby steps…

Thinking :: about how beautifully warm this bed is. So beautiful.

Trying :: to be positive. After this hell of a week, it has not been the easiest thing to do but I think the clouds are beginning to clear and the sun is starting to shine again.

Feeling :: like I can sleep for the next hundred years and be the happiest person in the whole world. Yay.

I have noticed more and more people completing this post around the internet and that is awesome. This is such a cool post to do, simply because it is an easy way to ‘take stock’ of what has happened in the week/is happening in this moment. It is beautiful. Beautiful seems to be my word at the moment. Also, I have figured out what I’m going to talk about for my next vlog…you know, if I get around to making/editing one. Yay. Watch this space ;]


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