My week in photos.

Well, once again, I forgot to write my usual feature on Sunday but I did take a lot of photos so I thought I would post them on here. Someone has to see them, right? Unfortunately, none of these photos are in order but are rather random snippets that are taken on my camera and (occasionally) the camera on my MacBook.


This is definitely my favourite photo of my beach. The way the light reflects on the water is absolutely amazing. This photo doesn’t do the place justice. It is beyond beautiful. It is beyond amazing. This place is magical and I cannot believe that I can call it my home.


I woke up in the morning to see the cat relaxing in the sunshine. I saw it as an opportunity to snap a few photos of the otherwise absent pet. He is a Persian x Berman and he is absolutely beautiful. That face is the only reason why I get up at 12am, 2am, 5am, 6am or any other time at night when he’s howling outside.


Green smoothies…Need I say more? They are just so good. I think this one was spinach, feijoa, banana, pineapple and mango. So much fruit and so much goodness. I’m obsessed.

Flowers in the garden..

There were a couple of debacles that occurred in the campground, one of them revolving around this cute ball of fluff. The solution? We got to babysit puppy-sit her for three nights while the rules swapped back to ‘normal’. Bichon friese? Uh, yes. This is certainly a dog that rivals my love of Maltese puppies.
.Selfie taken on my laptop…Because a post wouldn’t be the same without one of those. You’re welcome ;] I believe this was taken after I had eaten a chocolate hot cross bun. It was a glorious moment..

My sister gave me this travel coffee mug. It is so pretty and patterned and colourful and glorious. I’m in love. So far I have eaten yoghurt, fruit, cornflakes and you know, normal coffee and tea in it too. .

Enter the second selfie I took this weekend. I believe this was after I woke up at an ‘early’ time of 6.30am. That is my usual wake up time but having less than four hours sleep does not make for a happy girl. No deal. On the other hand, that jumper belongs to my friend and it is beautiful. So cuddly. .This was the first year that the Easter Bunny didn’t come for my sister and I. The best thing we got were some tiny Easter eggs that were shared with the whole family. It wasn’t the same. Noooo. I can’t be too old for the Easter Bunny..

With the awful weather, the power went out. It was a moment that called for candles and candles and more candles. It was awesome. I did forget how nice it was to absolutely turn off everything and just forget the world for a while. Going back to the absolute primal part of living was a fun way to spend an hour or two..

This is what my entire week looked like. Studying like a total crazy person. Linguistics is something that can be all-consuming. There are endless amounts of information. I swear, it is like following a rabbit down a hole sometimes. One simple word leads to articles upon articles on a totally different branch that I was completely oblivious to. I’m also reading The Gathering for my creative writing class and I really like it. I’m only one hundred pages in but it is definitely a good way to start or end my day. The phone is there for a trusty distraction…Of course. I have a new app on my phone called QuizUp and I’m addicted to it. .

This was when I went on an adventure to the beach and did a little experimenting with my camera. It is one that I’ve had for several years and while it isn’t the best camera, I do love it. I’m trying to hone my photography/editing skills before I go abroad. I still have one last stage of applications before I hear if I’m definitely accepted or rejected. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

All in all, I’ve had a really good week at the beach but I’m still excited to be going back to my own place on Wednesday. There’s nothing like having your own house…even if you do share it with four boys. I quite like my house and I miss it. Maybe I just miss the people…Hmmm. I had a super awesome Easter and I hope you did too!


10 thoughts on “My week in photos.

  1. I love these types of posts 🙂 You are super pretty, and so is the beach!! I would love to live near a beach!! I hope you have had a good Easter, despite all the studying!! ( Ive been studying pretty much all Easter as well :/ )
    And you are great at taking pictures 🙂


    1. Aw, thank you petal…for all your comments! They really are lovely! I did have a good Easter…a few too many hot cross buns though ;] #yolo
      Yay, thanks again! I’m so scared that all my photos turn out like absolute rubbish but everyone is too nice to say otherwise! Haha


  2. You live with four boys! By choice? How do you do it? I have 3 brother and I can barely handle it. Actually, now that I think about it, I’d probably rather live with boys than girls. 🙂 But boys are hard too.


    1. I do! Haha. I say “boys” but well, they’re almost men I guess. We have a range of 20-26 year olds in my house so it really isn’t too bad! Living with boys is definitely good but I have missed the typical getting ready with girls before going out to a party/club. Lads don’t really do that haha. There are perks and downfalls with both situations, you just have to make do with what you’re dealt…or what you pick ;]


    1. Thanks! Haha I really do love my beach ❤
      As for a hot cross bun, it's a thing that is available all year round in the UK, Ireland, NZ, Australia, Canada…Basically everywhere but America haha. It's a spiced bun that is made with currants/raisins in it and it was originally made for Easter/Good Friday but now you can eat them whenever you want…which is good because I'm kinda addicted to them. The chocolate one wasn't as nice though. It felt weiiiiird to be eating it, just because it wasn't 'traditional' and all that junk. Haha.


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