I never thought I…

I woke up to rain absolutely bucketing down. My first thought: well, there goes my morning bike ride. I have to admit, I’m a little too happy about the fact that I can’t get out this morning. I’m definitely in the mood for snuggling down with a movie and watching the day pass by in a glorious haze of sheer laziness. After checking my accounts, I discovered that there is a link up going round the inter webs started by Juliette at The Other Juliette. Well, since I’m no longer exercising, I thought that I would join the link up too! :]


// would be studying Linguistics. I thought I would have been undertaking a Bachelor of Communications and majoring in Public Relations or something like that. Life definitely took a left turn with this one but I couldn’t be happier about it.

// would be so attached to the blog friends that I’ve made over the years. You are truly amazing people. I wouldn’t have met you if I didn’t have this little blog of mine.

// would fall in love with pumpkin. I had a warm feta/pumpkin/spinach salad the other day and I loved it. So. Much. Love.

// would seriously consider just eloping instead of having a ‘proper wedding’. After all my years of working the wedding circuit as a caterer I thought I was dead set on having a wedding with all the bells and whistles but now that I’m ‘growing up’ the idea of a traditional wedding makes me feel a little nauseous. I would be more than happy to elope if someone mentioned it.

// would be a vegetarian. I didn’t eat a lot of meat to begin with but I never thought I would give it up completely.

// would live with four boys and actually like it. This year is just proof that anything can happen ;]

// would seriously apply to study abroad. I know it is on my bucket list but I never, ever thought it would happen when I was an undergrad.

// would live at the beach. Lo and behold, my mother and stepfather manage a campground and I live with them every summer.

// would be addicted to resistance training. That was before I got my own resistance tube in the mail. Now I’m addicted to it and I’m not looking back. Such a fun way to do exercises that I used to hate.

// would crash my first car. Everyone knew that I was going to crash one day. It was inevitable. Never did I think it was going to happen within three weeks of moving out on my own. Talk about inconvenient.


8 thoughts on “I never thought I…

    1. I did! Harry Potter never disappoints ;] Pumpkin is absolutely amazing! I cannot believe I’ve missed out on it for this long! Haha. There have been a few moments but they are very few and incredibly far between. The moment I tell them that I’m moving out is definitely going to be an interesting one! Haha.


  1. How long have you been a vegetarian? My sister has been one for over 10 years! I’ve tried it for a few days here and there but never been able to really stick with it. Thanks for linking up!!


    1. Only five months or so but I really like it! I have to admit, I eat more vegan than vegetarian so I’ve been considering making the switch for a month or so and seeing how I feel afterwards! My insides just feel gooood…which was the whole point. Yay. No problem! Thank you for creating such a good link up!


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