Taking Stock #006


Making :: the most of a beautiful day. Today is truly beautiful; there isn’t a cloud in the sky and it is painted in such a gorgeous blue. Today is the sort of day that makes it hard to believe it is officially autumn and winter is going to be here soon.

Drinking ::  coffee, water, green tea and raspberry leaf tea. I’m so addicted to tea. It definitely is a problem. Well, a healthy problem ;]

Reading :: my own attempts at a short story. Right now I’m trying to figure out if I am going to kill a character off or just throw her in jail for a little while. Such tough decisions ;]

Wanting :: to have my energy back. It seems to have plummeted lately and it is no bueno. I don’t have the time to be tired.

Looking :: at course modules at Lancaster that I can apply for. This whole study abroad thing is getting pretty real. I have a meeting with an advisor tomorrow about my papers and how they will cross-credit for the Michaelmas semester or for the whole year.

Eating :: multi-grain rolled oats. It has become a breakfast habit. They are beautiful. So nice and warm. They are definitely my comfort food now that we’re coming into cold autumn/winter months.

Wishing :: that life could be a little easier. Do you know how hard it is to get into a relationship with someone who has a different religious background to you? Oh my, so hard. We might be over thinking things a little bit but hey, in this circumstance, I feel like it is better than under estimating things.

Enjoying :: the start of mid-semester break. It might technically be Sunday but hey, no time like the present, right?

Waiting :: until I can go to the beach. I really, really, really miss it. I think I just need to get some space from this city and to enjoy the space that I have at my beach. Easter is going to be good.

Liking :: the fact that I’ve managed to finish all my assignments well before the deadline. There has been no panicking on my behalf for the first six weeks of this semester. I could be speaking too soon though. Let’s just wait and see how the next six weeks go ;]

Wondering :: if we will ever reach a decision.

Loving :: having the time to read. I have books upon books to catch up on and now I finally have time to do it. Hallelujah.

Hoping :: that this mouse I just discovered gets noted and runs out the door haha that would be just dandy.

Marvelling :: at how easily spooked I am by a teeny, tiny mouse.

Smelling :: chocolate; not just any chocolate. It is chocolate made by Whittaker’s. It is beautiful and magical.

Wearing :: …not what is in the photo; gym shorts and baggy jumper? Yes. It is that kind of day.

Noticing :: that I am happy. Truly happy…and the fact that I don’t mind watching Glee anymore. What has happened to me?

Thinking :: about everything. Everything, everything, everything.

Bookmarking :: vegan/raw recipes. I have to do a five-day challenge for my food writing chance and I thought I would get a jump on it while I’m a little motivated.

Trying :: to will this mouse out of my room through sheer power of thought. Hopefully.

Feeling :: like I could soak in a bath for a looooong time. A massage wouldn’t go astray either ;]


3 thoughts on “Taking Stock #006

  1. Getting into a relationship with someone who has different religious views than you is difficult. Currently I’m dating a guy who believes similarly to me, but not to the same depth. And my parents have issues with him because of that. Religion is a touchy topic, but it’s a very important thing to consider in relationships! Anndd I’m glad you feel truly happy! That’s always so nice.


    1. Yessss, it is so incredibly hard. We had the same issue last year when we liked each other. There are other external factors but religion really is the main one since it encapsulates so much of his life. Ah, I just hope we could work it out. Gosh. Circles. So many circles. My head is dizzy from it all! Haha. Thank you! It really is!


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