Thirty-two things.

Well, today is Friday and I have no one for my usual feature, just because I decided to be a little lazy this week. (And my professors decided to put five deadlines in the last week before break). I have been crazy busy these past few days. Last assignment to be handed in today. I. Can. Do. It. So, while I don’t have a feature planned, I have seen this cool link up goin’ round the interweb and I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon. Why not? 

Thirty-two things that make me happy:

1} Autumn/fall. I love watching the colours changing and the world transforming day-by-day. It really is beautiful. The beginning of fall means that it is just that much closer to my birthday as well ;] Only sixteen days to go!


2} Tofu baked in panko crumb. I am addicted. It is so good. Press tofu, dip in egg then coat in panko crumb and bake in the oven until it reaches desired crispiness then dip it in sweet chilli sauce. Oh my…heaven.

3} Coffee in the morning. There is something magical about the first cup of coffee. It sets the tone for your whole day.

4} Kittens and puppies. If they don’t make you happy then I am 100% convinced that you have no soul. I recently saw a French bulldog and I fell head over heels in love. They are about the cutest thing ever.


5} Mid-semester break. It starts today. Two weeks off? Uh, yes, please.

6} Harry Potter, the books and the film series. I love them both. I feel like there needs to be a Harry Potter marathon sometime in my future.

7} Speaking of Harry Potter, Gerard Butler also makes me quite happy. I managed to watch three movies that featured him the other day…in a row. It was a glorious day ;]


8} Friends and family…because it would be plain wrong to not put them on this list, right? ;] Well, I do love them a whole lot. They are my rock. Never a dull moment with any of them, for sure.

9} This little blog of mine and all of you. You guys are amazing. You have followed me around the internet for almost three years now and I am so grateful. You guys are the best.

10} Rainy days like today. You just want to snuggle down in bed with hot chocolate, movies and a special man friend. If I had any of those, I would definitely be doing that today. Well, I do have Gerard. I know things will be okay ;]

11} My car. No lie. Being able to get in my car and just drive is such a good feeling. Driving makes me happy and I would honestly do it for a job if I had to. I would not complain.

12} Floral print. I have a lot of it now and it is a beautiful thing. There should be a lot more flowers in the world.

13} Being the only girl in an all-male flat. Definitely a good thing. Possibly the best decision I could have made for myself this year.

14} Sushi. Forever and always. Last semester we had a sushi date every Monday, this semester we have a date every Friday…and today is Friday. Happy days.


15} Writing. Sometimes it feels like a compulsion and I love it for that reason. Write or die. That is what it feels like sometimes.

16} Cuddles. They make everything better.

17} A cuddly bed. This is because there is a lot of pillows, blankets and teddy bears in the bed…a male figure wouldn’t go astray either ;]

18} The beach. My beach. Oh, be still my beating heart.

19} Green smoothies. I seem to have quite a thing for them lately. They are glorious. My favourite combination is definitely frozen bananas and strawberries with milk/water, spinach, ice and vanilla essence. Yum!

20} Exercise. I love it. It is my form of therapy.

21} A good book.

22} Quiz Up. I’m addicted to this app. Anyone want to challenge me on Fifty Shades of Grey trivia? I will kick yo ass.

23} Tattoos. All the tattoos. I love them. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them. I’m planning on getting another one this year.


24} Travel. I’m addicted. Wanderlust. Name a place and I want to go there.

25} Baking and cleaning. Housewife material right here ;]


26} Eating clean…you know, when I do. The challenge is definitely worth it at the end of the day.

27} That ‘aha!’ moment in a lecture. I love when something finally clicks inside my head and all the struggling just drops away.

28} That today is a new day and tomorrow is another new day and the day after tomorrow is a new day. New day = new chance to start fresh. I like that.

29} Thunderstorms. There is something magical about sitting on the deck and watching one blow by.

30} Ice-skating. I have only been a couple of times and I might suck at it but hey, it’s all good fun.

31} Camping. Just love.


32} The fact that I can walk around my house wearing a towel and no one bats an eye. No one gives a damn and it is awesome.


4 thoughts on “Thirty-two things.

  1. I love a lot of the things you put on here! Morning coffee, exercise, green smoothies, eating cleaning (though I have failed miserably at it this week), cuddling, writing, camping, and raining days are a few things that I love too.


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