Taking Stock #005



Making :: words sound pretty. I had a submission deadline ten minutes ago and I just finished the poem. I did submit it on time but there was a bit of a blind panic happening for a minute there.

Drinking :: nothing…which is bad. I’m currently sitting in a cafe on campus so the delicious aroma of coffee is tempting me. You never know, by the time I finish writing this post I could be drinking an amazing coffee. Flat white with caramel? Yes, please.

Reading :: emails and blog posts that I’ve missed in the last five days of not having internet access. I can’t even deal with how many are piling up right now.

Wanting :: well, a job would be nice. I need one, badly.

Looking :: at all the cakes and cupcakes that are on display. My stomach is rumbling and they just look so good. The temptation is there. Good thing I have a little bit of willpower ;]

Eating :: I had to come into university early today so I grabbed a bunch of things from my kitchen. Namely carrots, pears, brazil nuts and dates. Yummy.

Wishing :: that poetry came easily to me. Four stanzas took me a week to write. I feel like is slightly ridiculous.

Enjoying :: these moments of being “alone”. There are five of us in my flat so I feel like I’m constantly around someone and it’s nice to just be able to focus on nothing but what I want and what I need to do in this moment.

Waiting :: until 2pm so I can have a date with my friend. I called her in a slightly panicked state last night and we arranged a date so I could talk to all this stuff that is swirling around in my brain.

Liking :: the fact that we get access to wifi when on campus. It is my saviour at the moment.

Wondering :: if I’ve made/will make the right decision. I’ve come to the conclusion that several things just aren’t for me and I don’t know if I’m going to regret my decision or not.

Loving :: this weather. Although it is stinking hot I do love the sunshine.

Hoping :: that I can keep on top of my assignments. So far, so good. I do have some pretty scary deadlines looming and I can feel the panic setting in already.

Marvelling :: at how beautiful life is.

Smelling :: coffee. All the coffee. I swear I could dive headfirst into a tub of it right now and I would be one happy girl.

Wearing :: …not what is in the photo. Green dress and flats? Yes.

Noticing :: all the attractive people that suddenly attend university. Where did these people come from? I die. Yay. Beautiful, beautiful people.

Thinking :: about everything. Everything, everything, everything.

Bookmarking :: tattoos. All the tattoos. I want a new one. I definitely have the tattoo itch. It is a thing. Look it up.

Trying :: to stay awake…There’s just something about today that makes me sooooo tired. Dying.

Feeling :: like someone needs to bash me over the head so I can sleep. Yay. University life. I’m beginning to think I’m a little insane for missing it.


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