Cut off.

.I know I have been making that face a lot lately but this time (I feel) I have good reason for it.

The internet has spontaneously combusted at my house and it has decided to stop working…unless you’re plugged into the modem itself. So really, the internet is fine…just not the wireless part of it. Not a big deal, right? Well, I have an Apple folks. That means 1) no disk drive and 2) no port to plug the internet cable.

No port for internet = no internet while I’m at home.


So, you know, I’ve been so super productive around the house ;]

Right now I’m sitting at the university library and basking in the glory that is air conditioning. It is rather nice…and the only thing that is stopping me from walking out into the blistering heat right now. I swear, this morning it looked like a “jeans day” so I wore them. Lo and behold, by the time I got to university it was sunny and I was melting.

Murphy’s law.

At least it’s Friday, right? I’m replying to some emails, downloading all the readings I need and then checking some of my favourite blogs before buying some candy and skipping my way home for the weekend. I’m going out to a new restaurant tomorrow night so hopefully I’ll be able to snap some photos while I look decent…ish that I can actually post on this little blog o’ mine.

You know, I might actually get this booty of mine to the gym. Wouldn’t that be a miracle? ;]

Have a good weekend …and remember, don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do. 


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