My day: A photo an hour!

I have seen posts like this all around the interweb and I’ve wanted to do a post like this as well!

Instead of the solid wall upon wall of text, I thought I would shake it up and add in some photos. You can never have too many photos in blogging, right? ;]

Welcome to my day!

.+ Morning blog reading.

+ Coffee.

+ Lounging about in my pyjamas.

+ Deciding to live at my desk for the rest of the morning.


+ Having a stroke of genius and writing like a crazy person.

+ Food break.

+ Taking a little time to watch a soppy show…The Bachelor Australia, of course ;]

+ Seeing the amount of writing that was left and almost crawling into bed.


+ But deciding to hop on Instagram instead ;]

+ Moooooore writing.

+ Powering through the last little bit with some alcohol.

+ Having a mini dance party in my room when I finally finished the essay that has been tying me to my desk all day.

I have just finished editing these photos, writing the post and watching the finale of The Bachelor and it’s 8.30pm. It might not look like I achieved a lot but hey, I promise that I did. I was actually writing, rewriting, reading, rereading and editing my essay from 9am riiiiight up until 7pm. That is a loooong time to be staring at a laptop screen.

Did I potentially forget to eat enough food? Well, yes. Did I substitute food with vodka and coke…quite possibly ;] What am I going to do right now? Well, a certain someone I know gave me a novel and I would like to read some more of it before I fall asleep tonight…either that or I’m gonna get reeeeeal friendly-like with that bottle of vodka I have ;] 

I hope you are having a good week! Happy hump day!


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